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    There's a hermit on the top right corner of Zelhon's Reach, anyone know anything about him? Does he give a quest or something? He is the guy that has an Irontooth Drake as a pet and attacks you when you talk to him.

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    I know what you mean. Even before you talk to him he says something like: you are in my personal space, leave me alone. And when you get closer he attacks.

    I dont know if he has any purpose though.

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    Tarnished Coast

    I've only seen him there once. Other times I've visited, he hasn't been there. I have no idea what the differences were (I don't even know if I visited there twice with the same character, or what quests were active/completed, or...) but I'd be interested to know what the conditions are to get him to show. Or maybe it's just random.

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    nice. such additions make GW more alive actually :)

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