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    Family-Based Guild Seeking Other Gaming Families

    Greetings, adventurers!

    The Evokers of Old is a small, new guild seeking more members. Thus far, the guild consists of me, my wife, and our teenage son. We enjoy gaming as a family as it allows us to interact socially (which is a challenge between parents and teens these days!), and it keeps us out of trouble. We left WoW after almost two years around Thanksgiving time, and joined GW just after Christmas.

    We're looking for other families or groups of friends to join us. We approach the game with a semi-serious, mature attitude, but lighthearted fun is the absolute focus. The goals of the guild would include friendly online conversation, assistance with PvE quests and missions, fair trade between members, and eventually easing in to some PvP. As far as PvP is concerned, of course we'd like to win, but we're not "hardcore". I'd like to see guild members help each other to learn and improve, but be able to laugh together, shake it off and try again if we embarrass ourselves. The light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel would be for us to be taken seriously by other PvP guilds (some day). If you don't care to get involved in PvP, just say so and you won't be pressured, but no less welcome.

    We're generally opposed to trash talk, l33t speak, vulgarity, and unnecessary rudeness or belligerence (although necessary rudeness and belligerence is perfectly acceptable). We'd like to maintain a family-friendly, but non-prudish atmosphere.

    We have a cape already - tattered silver with a deep, gray sea turtle on the back (which actually looks quite sharp). We also just purchased a guild hall on the Imperial Island, which is absolutely gorgeous. Now, we're all broke, so we'll have to save up for some guild NPC's. Finally, our guild tag is EVOO... if you understand the significance of that, then we're probably the right guild choice for you! Yum-O!

    If interested, PST to Phudge Numpkin in-game, or respond here and I'll seek you out. I'm online most evenings (eastern time) during the week, and off and on throughout the weekends.


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    Hello Phudge!

    It sounds like our guilds have similar approaches to gaming!
    My IGN is Rondar Morguhn, and I am an officer in the Knights of Shadowpeak.
    We are a small, mature guild, and I think that maybe our guilds should consider allying!

    Check us out at www.kosknights.com and leave us a post if you are interested, or pm me ingame.

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    Will do! I'll need to get myself a copy of Factions, first, so we can ally. But sounds like a plan.

    Thanks for the response!

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Check out the Celtic Highland Warriors (CHW) at http://z9.invisionfree.com/GuildWarsCHW

    We are a small (35 members) guild that is family oriented with a EU branch under a similiar name Celtic Highland Warriorz (CHWz). We are the lead guild of this 2 guild alliance and looking for like minded guilds to join us.

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