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    Word of Healing has changed: If target is below 50% health, heal for an additional X .With 12 points you heal for an additional 100 instead of 50.

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    All skill updates are here, cuts down on forum spam.

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    I must say, i dont like the end parts of hoh.. theyre so unclimatic. At least the old way of holding, almost anyone could win up to the last 5 seconds.. now.. you will more times then not see the winner of the match within the first minute or so and the entire rest of the match is jus a waste of time! the kill count is also idiotic.. i mean, its gonna bring about alot of degen and aoe teams since theyd have the best way to make the most damage at once allowing you to get the last hit, i mean all it is is the last hit gets the point.. and aoe/degen would b perfect for that. For the murderball one, i like that idea, cept to make it more interesting and intense, i think the ghosts should be taken to the bottom of the steps so that points can be scored faster and perhaps make them move slower with it, more bodyblocking, more chaos, more interesting to watch in my opion.. there weould be alot more swapping etc etc. i have no problem with the third one, i do like that idea. This new system is a decent adition, however i do not feel this will help at all.. it may last a few daysm but in the end it really didnt solve anything.

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    Killcounts are infinitely better than Altar capping. I'm so incredibly glad that highly defensive builds are pretty much worthless now. Bye bye sig of mystic wrath

    The node capping thing in HoH is sort of meh

    murderball is just hilarious

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    i emjoy most of the heroes ascent changes not most of the others, but the only heroes ascent change i am sad about is the removal of the capture alter map which lead to great 3-way battles. Also the fact that it is a promotion for the failure of heroes battles is unescapable - they want people to play that way and will change the maps to do it and hope more people wil then go to the arena. This seems a bit.... not good for the game as a whole...

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    I like the random HoH and enjoy the kill count (everyone for them-selves) it instead of the gank the altar holder and as far as 6v6 thats good too. 8v8 makes me think Zergway +2 other classes which would be just another cookie-cutter build and the skill changes that would need to be done would be more of a PVE hell sure it would help PVP but this game trys to balance the two, and does a over all good job

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    after more observation, people wanted to see alot of variation in builds, people hated fighting the same kind of build, holding builds that is.. there will still be very defensive builds, but after noteing, two of the battles to the way up are kill counts, and finaly understanding how to figure out who gets the point (whoever did the most damage) makes aoe/degen builds oddly overwhelming, altho i personaly have been running spikes, im getting slightly annoyed already with finding nothing but degen and aoe

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    i have found a few melee heavy builds in HoH but more so do i see 1 melee 3 spike and 2 healers but rarely do i see 4+ different groups using the exact same build which is nice

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