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    Energy Surge Nerf

    They nerfed Energy Surge from Adjenctive to all Nearby Enemeys.. My total mesmer was build on the Energy surge, this is the final nerf... I'm gone.. They didn't have to nerf the mesmer any more...

    I will check this forum every few weeks, if they buff the mesmer.. I will come back

    Just read that they also nerfed:
    Power block
    Power Leak

    2 Of my favourite skills... You've gone too far A-net.. Mesmer was already an underrated class... Though, it was the only original.. And now you're trying to extinct it? No one will use it (atleast, no one thas experience with this game, With experience I mean people that atleast have played more than 1000 hours, i've played 1750. So I.M.O. That means that I'm an experienced player)

    Thank you very much (sarcastic)
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    GWOnline.Net Member windcaller's Avatar

    they buffed MoR and some others. As for SP we all knew it was coming....Can't say i'm amazed by the changes tho =\

    None of the inspirations nerfs were undone so....hmpf....

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    Mantra Of Recovery?
    'nuff said'

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    ......yes anet doesn't like the mesmer I believe...

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    Anet hates the mesmer, we should get over it -.-. Tbh i thought the mes was gonna get buffed, Look forward to finding 0 groups in DOA...

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    GWOnline.Net Member Jigoku's Avatar

    Isn't it ironic that were also the class with a skill that has the skill balancers head exploding on it?

    Also, I never really like e-surge anyways I would've like to see more fast casting skills get buffed but overall i'm ok with the balance

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    GWOnline.Net Member JustStuit's Avatar

    Maybe because E Surge was used by too many people. Live and adapt

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    GWOnline.Net Member cranialexodus's Avatar

    Esurge, SP... really make an ele if you feel the loss of SP that hard. This was a major buff for mesmers.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Ummm Power Block and Power Leak got BUFFED....?

    Power Block: decreased recharge time to 20.
    Power Leak: decreased recharge time to 15.

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    Manwithtwohands's Avatar

    There are a lot of changes in all professions that I like.
    I'm not sad about this. Heck MOR used to be my favourite elite, and now I'm thinking it's going to go back there!
    0 recharge on all skill stealing is pretty interesting too.
    We simply have to change what we are using no if we want to do AOE. I'm thinking that SP and ES were being used way to much for their AOE damage and we can use MOR more effectively to do that instead now.

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