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Thread: HoH reward

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    HoH reward

    what is the new reward in Hall of Heroes?

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    It's still a chest with drops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xunlai Agent View Post
    It's still a chest with drops
    Aye, just for the whole team, not only 4 people.

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    what kind of drops? still the sigil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahiri View Post
    what kind of drops? still the sigil?
    Of course... The exact same drops, geeze.

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    Not the exact same drops.

    Sigils still drop, but the golds that drop have a different set of skins to choose from. So far, I've only seen Nightfall skins drop (I -think- they're nightfall, anyway).

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    nah, old skins drop too. i've seen them

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    Flames also drop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savsuds View Post
    Flames also drop.
    rofl :) those will drop forever :p

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    inscribable crystalline swords ;)

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