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Thread: Cape Clipping

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    Cape Clipping

    If anyone remembers back to the Prophecies days, it seemed like very few armors had clipping problems with the capes. Collector's Ranger is the only one that comes to mind ,and that one did so slightly. Now, it seems like the majority of the armors in factions clipped, and almost all of the Nightfall armors clip. (Elite Sunspear Monk is especially bad). So my question is this, do you think Anet will ever do anything to correct this. I'm all for new armors, but let's make them where you don't have to have an object that looks horrible with them. (Yes you can turn them off, but not in PvP. Which doesn't help me since I spend most of my time PvPing)

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    My 15k enchanter's clips through the cape. As a result, my mesmer is the only character of mine who doesn't display the cape. It annoys me to no end.
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    I never wear a cape on my ranger. Why? Every single one of my bows goes right through it.

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    this is bit off topic but it would be nice if we could have other ways to display our guild "capes" perhaps an armband or something along those lines. A full cloak would be spiffy

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    One thing, think how bad clipping is right now with a cape. Now, think how bad the clipping would be with a wraparound cloak >.< The armband would be a nice alternative and fit some classes better. (assassins for example)

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    The bibs would flix all the problems

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    Ahh yeah the old-school bibs. Those were cool, ahaha.

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    I have several armors that clip the cape, I've taken to not wearing the cape as a result.

    There are quite a few Prophecies sets that do so however, my male 15k Druid and female 15k Aeromancer both have pretty bad clipping issues when they walk. And don't get me started on weapon clipping issues...

    In the old beta days, capes were worn as a tabard (across the chest, the "bibs" mentioned above- I believe WoW still has them). While they wouldn't be nearly as neat-looking as capes and would completely obscure our armor, it'd probably solve a lot of the clipping issues

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    Do you think it would be both possible and easily implemented to have a player go to an emblemer and pay 500g to change from a cape to a tabard?

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    unfortunately this game has tons of clipping issues.. capes, weapons, plants, hair..even some armors clip through themselves .. so i wouldn't count on anet fixing these issues.

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