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    You may also want to take into consideration that the Canthans give offerings to spirits of nature. For instance Maat at the Shrine of Maat is a spirit of the mountains (I would think) who relatives or family members go to to give offerings for their other family member who is traveling through the mountains to be protected or to have safe travel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMEPTb View Post
    Kaineng Center

    Also has a 'Banner of Proffessions'

    ;and the same City (?) banner as 'Nahpui Quarters':
    The right banner..
    Clarification on City (?) banner:

    Kaineng Banners:

    On your large image there, in the first banner (and then again in the last one), one of the symbols (the third one down in the first banner and the middle one in the last) look like the secondary glyph in our supposed Ritualist symbol. Just a thought

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    very nice i dont how u got it but nice

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    Great work.

    Hmmm... we'd need more letters, then we could, possibly, establish a system like the radicals for Japanese, and then maybe a Canthan Nelson... errr... nvm...

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