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    Ping Problem

    Hey guys,
    I'm new at the forum.
    This is the problem, I had ENORMOUS LAGG!!!
    My ping was over 5k, and i dont know anything about my pc and stuff like that can u help me?
    Thanks in advance.(i'm dutch, dont know if my english is good)

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    Did this happen only once/sporadically or all the time?

    In case of the former, it can happen. In case of the latter, it's likely a problem with your PC or connection. If you're in a home for college or university, that could be the problem since they tend to send all traffic over the same route and ports.
    The quote in the post above yours is a good help to find out what the problem is.


    Gebeurde dit slechts 1 keer/sporadisch of altijd?

    In het eerste geval is dit niet echt een probleem, het gebeurt wel eens. In het laatste geval is dit waarschijnlijk een probleem met je PC of verbinding. Als je in een home of studentenkot zit, kan dat het probleem zijn omdat die vaak al het verkeer over dezelfde lijn en poorten sturen.

    Het stuk dat in de post boven de jouwe gequote is kan je misschien helpen het probleem te vinden.

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    Ye the connection is used by 4 computers, i think that could be the problem, but i dont know how to solve it. And again i dont know anything about computers(i didnt understand anyrhing of what was said before).

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    Is it your router/Can you access the router to fool around with?
    If yes, you may be able to solve it.
    If not, you're screwed. Had the same problem on my student home, the solution was to play when other people were offline/traffc was low.

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    Yes i have acces to the router(i am dutch, so router means the little box?)

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