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    Seekers of the Arcane [SotA] - A new RP Guild!

    Guild Name [and tag]: Seekers of the Arcane [SotA]

    Leader: IGN: The Arcane Curator (Note: The "leader" of our guild merely acts as an IC figurehead. Please contact Criane Khan if you are unable to reach The Arcane Curator)

    Guild RP Type: (as categorized by gwrpa.org) D - Guild Chat is the only exception and is considered to be OOC at all times.

    Website: Seeker's of the Arcane

    How to Apply: To start, please fill out the application found here.

    Background Info/Story: Our official Lore can be found here.

    Other Important Links:
    Our Charter - An important link to fully understand what we're all about!
    Seeker's Roleplaying Guide - A wonderful guide written by Katelyn Atrice to help along new roleplayers.

    An excerpt from our Lore:

    I. Prologue

    In the Northern-most reaches of Kryta, along the shores of The Giant's Basin, rests an estate. Wrapped in trees and wilderness, the estate stays shrouded from the outside world with little trouble. While it was once called home by an entire family, the halls now echo and moan in remembrance of the past.

    A man can often be found in front of a crackling fire, his features worn but wise. This man sits alone, but for a few books he keeps scattered around him. There is one book that the man holds very close to him, a book that has been passed down through his family for as long as anyone can remember. The book has come to be known as The Tome of the Arcane, and the estate the man finds his lonely life in was once home to The Seekers.

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