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    New player looking for decent sized helpfull guild

    As the title says im a new player and would like to join a decent sized guild of helpfull people. Only thing is im currently in a very small guild and dont know how to leave and aslo im in Scotland and i know that most of you are in the US so the time difference would be a problem. Anyway if you can be of any help...

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshbhoy View Post
    As the title says im a new player and would like to join a decent sized guild of helpfull people. Only thing is im currently in a very small guild and dont know how to leave and aslo im in Scotland and i know that most of you are in the US so the time difference would be a problem. Anyway if you can be of any help...

    Are you into PvE (player versus environment) or PvP (player versus player)?
    Also what are you after in a guild?

    I'm an officer in The Blitzers guild, http://gw.theblitzers.org/ we're an international guild, and have quite a few members online GMT peak times (i'm English)
    We're a mature guild, with most members older than 20 (many over 30 i think, some much older than that). There's not a strict age limit, but members are expected to act in a mature manner. We're currently almost all PvE players and we play for fun. Even though we are a mature guild most of the members are quite nuts and we have a laugh whilst playing.
    Player ability levels don't bother us at all, we all help eachother and learn together!
    If you're interested in joining, leave a message in our recruitment forum or PM me through these forums for more information.

    See you around


    Ps to leave your guild, click on the icon by your name in the guild roster (press g in game) and then click on 'leave my guild'
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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Descendants of Ancaria (www.clan-da.com) may be exactly what you are looking for. We are more than a GW guild, but rather a gaming clan, and an online community. Our aim is to have fun in-game while developing a community outside the game. DA was started with a group of Hardcore Sacred online players and has now grown to include Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. We have players from across the world (we play on the American servers) and at nearly any time of the day there are several people on from all parts of the world, so being from Scotland isn't an issue. We are mainly a PvE guild, but do dabble in semi-organized PvP and GvG battles to have fun.

    We are part of a full ten guild alliance who are all a great group of people. If you need any help with anything, both the guildies and alliance members are there to help. There are people running missions in all three of the campaigns nearly all the time.

    The guild is structured such to allow you to be as involved and active as you want. We have structured events such as skill capping nights and runs through FoW and the underworld. As well as some scheduled PvP/GvG events. Of course, while you are in-game, asking for help or giving help to others is always welcomed.

    If you are interested, take a gander at our website - www.clan-da.com
    Register and post in the new user section. While you are there, wander through the GW discussions as well as the other discussions on the forum. If you are wanting to join DA, all we ask is that you post your intention in the form of answering a short questionare. Then, we have a "trial" period where you try DA on to see if this is where you want to stay. Team up with guild members in-game, chat it up on the guild chat or on Teamspeak (we have our own TS server for clan member and guest usage).

    Hope to see you soon!

    IGN Brynrael Alderdew (Prophicies, Me/R)
    Recruitment Officer, Clan-DA, Guildwars Branch

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    Hello :)

    Our guild is called Honor Warriors, an American luxon guild that is mostly PVE (some of us HA/GVG as well but only a few). We are a casual, easy going guild and we only require our members to act in a friendly manner (no foul language in guild/alliance chat as we don't like to have any drama between guildies/allies). No such requirements as faction farming, pvp, how active you have to be, etc. After all, you’re supposed to play this game for fun in whatever way you like! :D

    We are in a full alliance that is comprised of 10 guilds that all share one common interest; To have fun with friendly (and somtimes goofy) players. :) We love to help out others with missions, quests, exploring, etc. be it experienced players or new players (however, we do fringe if a player only asks for free things all the time and are selfish/greedy). There are a variety of players in our guild; Chatty players who love to talk. Quiet players who mostly like to do their own things. Players who are only PVE. Players who are a mix of PVE and PVP. Young players who are goofy and funny. Older players who are married and have kids. Experienced players who know pretty much everything there is to the game. Newer players who are just learning the game. The list goes on and on. :D

    Most of our allies are America based, but we do have a good number of European players in our alliance (at least one guild in our alliance is European based). Some of our events take place in international districts to fit different regions. How active we are depends on the time of day. Sometimes, we’ll have dozens of people online, while other times, we only have a few players on. Hopefully, we can reach a point where we have tons of players online at all times.

    A lot of us like to chat in-game. But for those who like to post in message boards, we have a guild web site with a message board, as well as an alliance web site with a message board of its own.

    If you're interested, just give us a message (private message through here or in-game). Thanks. :)

    Guild: Honor Warriors [honr] (our cape)
    Leader: Neena Lifegiver
    Officers: 6 (Buffy Bj Summers, One Ecto Per Heal, Shiroi Trevor, Mai Sharona, Selenia the Defiled, and Autumn Eowyn)
    Total members in guild: around 85
    Active members in guild: around 30 up to a week (we’d like to eventually see 30 per day :D )
    Alliance: 9 allies for a full alliance
    Age of players in alliance: Most seem to be 15~35, but we don't keep track of age, just personality :)

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    Hello Josh,

    I would just like to refer you to our current recruitment post here:


    We are currently especially looking out for GMTers (and PSTers). Therefore, your post was very interesting. Recently, we picked up a Scottish recruit, and I thought that it would be nice to keep the momentum rolling by inviting another Scottish person into our guild. I hope you'll consider us.

    Our website, by the way, is www.eternitylost.com

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    The Dark Regulators guild is primarily PVE with just a little PVP. We have a membership of 60+ and are some are online at just about any time. Recently recruited one new member from UK and our alliance has another. With the different work/school schedules of our members, you should not have a problem finding guild and alliance members.

    Our alliance is not big in guilds but is very friendly and generally helpful. You can reach me in the game as Mystery Dog.

    I look forward to hearing from you, whether you decide to become one of our family or not.

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    Yes, The Dark Regulators are some of the greatest people I have ever had the chance to become family with :) They are very helpful to new and veteran members of the alliance....Give them a shot :)

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