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    The Troubled Keeper. Any consistent way of hero/henching it?

    Anybody have a consistent way of hero/henching this quest? No matter what I try, the results are always mixed. Sometimes I can leave a tank hero and a healer hero on the other side and those two can hold that side very well (I'm assuming the Forgotten are playing an important role, but I can't see what's going on, so I can't tell). Other times, I can put 5 on the other side and they'll still just drop dead.

    My guess is that it all depends on whether or not the tank can hold aggro. Sometimes, I notice that the healer hero on the other side doesn't seem to get attacked at all, while other times, she dies within seconds.

    So, anybody have a consistent way of doing this quest with only heroes/henchies? My problem is that the heroes/henchies on the other side don't always stay alive well. Only leave your strategy if you can beat the quest with the set up consistently (as in more than 50% like 3 out of 6 tries).

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    Tried several times, I havnt been able to come close

    then I brought a guildy with 6 heros with a decent tanking build, a decent healing build and a decent nuking build, it was a piece of cake

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    I'm inclined to say that luck plays a very important role in this quest if henching.. It depends on the positioning of the forgottens, and how the sages in the center respond..

    Because the quest requires spliting, all party members have to have their builds optimized. You can do that with heroes, but henchies... they're more of a burden than help.

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    Was the only quest/mission i was not able to do with my heroes.... try 5 times and its the hardest by far...

    Very easy with a friend...


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    Quote Originally Posted by lavenbb View Post
    Because the quest requires spliting, all party members have to have their builds optimized. You can do that with heroes, but henchies... they're more of a burden than help.
    Have you tried it without splitting?
    When we did it, some guildies and heroes, we all stayed in the middle.
    Main source of damage was MM-Olias and I with curse support (SS, MoP, barbs). Hero MM'ing seemed to work nicely there. Otherwise we used 2 Mo, two trappers, 1 Spirit Rit and one Water ele. As a party we took amazingly little damage, the minions seemd to soak a lot.

    Might be hard to pull off with henchies though.


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    Couldnt complete it either... My heroes rolling mobs pretty easy, but the second I turn away - stupid keeper dies...
    I personally hate quests like that - go save some "oh the joy of killing me" moronic NPC, which you can't even move or shield in any way (ebony citadel?).
    Had a though to ask friend to bond him up but was too annoyed to even try it.
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    I tried at the center once... it didn't turn out very good. I was hero/henching it and was on the 6th group (2nd group of the 3rd wave, which is the very last group). I figured from here, it'd be a piece of cake and just brought all my heroes/henchies to the center. About 5 seconds into the fight, they killed the Keeper and I failed the quest instantly. -_-

    Never tried fighting at the center since.

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    I've posted one solution in the thread about Breaking the Broken. However, splitting 6-2 for the whole fight might be tricky, even if you position the heroes correctly (still, MM + Monk is in my opinion a better solution than a Tank + Monk; Tank might not hold aggro, minions will).

    There is another one which is a lot safer. Since the only sub-wave that you don't want to fight combined together is the very last one (Words of Madness and Clerics on one side, standard damage group on the other), you can safely camp the center for 2.5 waves (5 subwaves) and then split.

    The problem is that you'll most likely have to leave hench to guard (heroes have bigger damage output, and you need that group killed as fast as possible), therefore you have to be really quick. Hench won't last long in there.

    Nevertheless, depending on your profession and team set-up, it might be better to leave heroes (or hench + hero, or something like that), so think this part through before going in.

    This strategy worked fine with 3 players (no trouble throughout the quest, one death at the last group), sadly I can't test it with full hero/hench team at the moment as I have it already done. It should work though, since it's just a safer variant of the 6-2 split strategy mentioned above.
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    As I stated, leaving 2 heroes on one side doesn't always work. It relies heavily on either Forgotten helping out well without getting killed, or the tank holding aggro (can't say for certain since you can't see what's going on on the other side).

    I'm not looking for one time success or a human group. I'm looking for a consistent set up that works with full heroes/henchies.

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    I just tried fighting at the center and can safely tell you that it does not work at all. The Keeper got killed every time. I could not get past the 3rd wave, which is pretty bad since with splitting, I can get past the 3rd wave pretty consistently.

    I'm starting to think that there's no consistent way of henching this quest...

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