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    Another Testing Weekend

    GW site has some interesting news on their front page - www.guildwars.com

    Testing Weekend #2 30 January 2007 This weekend, starting around Noon PST on Friday, you'll have another opportunity to test updates for Guild Wars. We're rolling in a significant number of skill changes along with updates to Heroes' Ascent, as well. We'll be leaving the changes in place this time, but will assess player feedback to help formulate future balance changes and updates, so we hope you'll try out these changes and provide your feedback on the fan forums.

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    yup sux. dunno how they're going to do it. you have any idea? are they just going to implement the changes from last testing weekend if they think it's fit and add some minor changes as we go along? one skill that i hope isn't changed is Shield of Absorption. Only way a monk can survive.

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    It's going to be the previous test changes, tweaked, and hopefully with a few more changes to make some bad skills... less bad. They'll stay for good this time, though, and anet will make more tweaks after the weekend.

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    I'm looking forward to it. And the permanent changes. (I also hope the "evade" mechanic remains, but that's already been majorly discussed.)

    Edit: Fay Vert, not sure if that was addressed to me- but this weekend, as I understand, might not include permanent changes. I'm certainly curious as to what permanent changes they result from the testing weekends. I want to know if after this weekend, will there be more final tweaks and changes?
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    If it's going to be a permanent change, how come it's a test weekend?

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    Test the intial reaction then update as needed? The Ritualist in me is looking forward as there update was nice (perhaps Glaive will work as intended and not as bugged) but the Paragon in me fears for the Motivation line.

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    b/c they're going to make the changes permanent, but if the changes don't seem to balance too well, they're going to undo and make more minor changes. does anyone know if the changes are going to include all the changes from last test weekend?

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    oh please don't kill the domination mesmer

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    spiritual pain? probably will be nerfed.

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    i think this is really stupid... why is anet now turning to let their costumers decide on what skills should be changed and buffed or nerfed, its their job, people on these forums can just make up 10 accounts and say to buff a skill up,
    i mean the assassin skills really needs a fricking buff, especially heals, and these people on here are just wanting to nerf all of assassin's skills, and these people are going to get sins skills nerfed because a majority of people here hate assassins, so pretty much sins will get even nerfed even harder, reducing them to more and more
    i seriously dont get anet's doing, its stupid to let a community in a internet forum to decide what skills should be changed

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