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Thread: random freezing

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    random freezing

    ok, so a few months ago, my GW would randomly lock up. it would show just basically a screenshot of what happened a second ago, but i could still move my cursor around, and if i hit a skill i could hear that skill being played out, and if i attacked something, i could hear myself attacking, etc.

    then it went away.. for a couple weeks.

    it's been doing this to me for the past 2 months and it's so random. it started off doing it maybe 2 times a week, now it's maybe 2 times a day. it happens to me when i'm doing something real important too - happened to me when i was calling in GvG a month or so ago, and while some friends and i were in halls. but it can also happen when i'm just standing in town.

    this doesn't happen to me only in GW - it happens to me on CoD2 (played on DX7) and CS:S (no HDR). for example, the screen will stop, but if i move i can hear my footsteps, and if i shoot, i can hear it..

    it's so weird. it's like the game is playing, but i can't see it.


    1024 mb (1 gig) pc2700 RAM
    nvidia geforce 7800 GS (AGP), newest drivers
    2.8 ghz intel P4 cpu

    what i usually do when it locks up, is i click out of it (i play in windowed), and i restart.. if i restart GW it will freeze up 2 more times until it messes up majorly and my whole system freezes.. then i have to press the reset button on my pc.

    need help ASAP, it's been doing this for months.. i don't even bother playing that much now because of this.

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    Are you sure the video card isn't overheating? If it's not, then it could possibly be a bad video card.

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    i don't have the program to check my video card's temp... but the last time i looked (couple months ago), it was idling around 40-50.. which isn't all that bad.

    what is a good program i could use to check my video card's temp?

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    Uh, you aren't allowed to unnaturally bump your posts here. Check out the rules.

    The only temp monitoring software I know of is ATITool, but check out the site listed below.


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