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    Does playing in RA help you be good at playing in a split/gank?

    This is a random, perhaps horribly incorrect idea. I was wondering if playing a lot of Random Arenas helps you play in a Split/Gank situation well.

    I'm not very experienced in these situations in GvG because the vast majority of my GvG experience was in rank 500 or higher guilds, which didn't split most of the time (in fact, the reason my current guild was able to break into the top 300 recently is because we learned how to handle splits).

    So today, I was playing in a PuG GvG as my favorite Warrior build, Eviscerate with Mending Touch. The opposing team was pretty good, nearly rank 100 and they had sent back a "YAA!" Warrior + Burning Arrow gank, so my team said we needed one of the Warriors to go back and help the Flag Runner. I knew I had to go because our other Warrior didn't have Mending Touch.

    So when I went back, the flag runner proved unable to shut down, snare or heal well enough to stop them, but I realized that I would be able to solo either of the two builds we were up against with ease. If we had a Water runner to snare the "YAA!", for example, I could kill the Ranger and then kill the "YAA!".

    They made short work of the flag runner though, so it was basically 2v1. I got the Ranger to about 10% health before I died, so I'm pretty sure my estimate of my ability to handle either of the characters was correct. Keep in mind these are pretty pro people I'm up against.

    Incidentally, I play that axe build in RA very, very often due to boredom and just the general badassery of my Warrior that I can't resist <3. I think that playing that kind of build, which has no damage mitigation, uses Frenzy and has minimal healing power in RA promotes either success through excellent manuevering, kiting and outwitting other damage dealers 1v1, or simply failure.

    Also, the build forces you to either be good at Bull's Strike or not kill anything on your own. There's no Shock to make it easy.

    Here's the bar: Healing Signet, Frenzy, Rush, Bull's Strike, Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Mending Touch, Res Sig

    Is it good for splitting? Not really, on paper the two gank builds I was up against are both better solo. But I am positive I could have outplayed those two gankers with another decent character to snare one of them or whatever.

    So my main question that hopefully some better experienced GvGers can answer is... Does RA help you play splits/ganks well if you approach it correctly? (eg. Manuevering to survive as opposed to tanking with Mystic Regeneration)

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    It helps you solo, which can help in ganks, yes. But the value is still questionable compared to scrimmaging and practising in real games. Ganking or fighting in a gank is a unique instance which you can't effectively simulate anywhere else in GW - factors such as terrain (obstacles) and henchies become amazingly important where elsewhere they're a minor factor most of the time.

    Regarding you soloing them... I doubt it. You may be able to kill them if neither of them could run, but that simply isn't the case. Plus the combination of burning arrow+apply poison+YAA means that you won't be able to remove all the conditions on yourself, making yourself either vulnerable and weak or slowly lose health. Healing is hard if the ranger is skilled etc. The YAA+Burning gank is highly effective because it has good damage but also the ability to snare enemies very effectively. This makes it very useful for delaying flags ran by the enemy.

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    Well, yes and no. It helps in that you get more practice in playing your bar, and gets you used to fighting with minimal healing/support (if you don't have a monk on your team). However, keep in mind that split teams in a GvG are not a completely separate team, you have to watch for other players so you don't get collapsed on, you might be trying to cap a flag, ect.

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    I actually test out my gank builds in AB, which I think mimics a ganking condition more

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    Thanks for the comments guys. That's pretty close to what I was thinking. At least all my time killing in RA wasn't for nothing! Well, I have Gladiator 2, but I don't think that title means anything.

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    Best way to practice = scrimmage: you and your runner vs. yaa and a burning ranger, or whatever two/three gankers you want. You get improved gank defense and the option of running a gank in your build!

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    Quote Originally Posted by R A N D O M View Post
    Best way to practice = scrimmage: you and your runner vs. yaa and a burning ranger, or whatever two/three gankers you want. You get improved gank defense and the option of running a gank in your build!
    Haha, obviously. I was mostly just commenting on the fact that I did good (almost killed the burning arrow) 1v2... and I guess if no friends are on, it's the best way to practice.

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    yupyup and with the variety of builds you see there you should be much better at reacting and changing your startegy on the fly and if you become a good enough solo character people rage at you =)

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    Problem is that the level of competition is so low that you're not getting real practice for 1v1, 2v2, 1v2, ect... What it does do is let you work on key skills. Kiting is a big one, as is interupting, when to self heal, and using reflexive self prots. Occasionally you'll run into someone half decent and can practice tricking out key skills to make interupts miss. These skills also transfer to a flagstand battle which is nice. For practicing pure ganks I tend to do aspenwood and for splits I recomend Alliance Battles. The competition is still pretty low but the mobility of alliance battles and the npc killing of Aspenwood do the job.

    An Example: I primarily play a monk. When I am given a bulid to play I tend to play it in RA a few rounds before I get into an actual GVG. Sometimes I'm playing a monk that doesn't want to split like a RC monk but I run it in RA anyways just so that I'm comfortable with all my skill options and know what to expect out of them in different situations. Other times I am given a more splittable bar and it often leads to upset teams when I leave after 5 matches.

    When messing arround on non-monks I tend to go in with a specific task. I've run in with a burning arrow ranger with the goal of using my interupts to never let an assasin finish a combo. I've also taken in water ele's with the mission of trying to eliminate multiple warriors with the use of snares while helping any warriors on my team close in on their targets. These were all somewhat useful to the team but I've also taken in support mesmer builds do no damage and only scrub targets of enchantments while providing e-denial.

    I hope I shed some light but I probably did nothing.

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    RA isn't pvp. The opposing team is a group of 4 randomly named, computer controlled AI. They aggro to you just like monsters.

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