This is a random, perhaps horribly incorrect idea. I was wondering if playing a lot of Random Arenas helps you play in a Split/Gank situation well.

I'm not very experienced in these situations in GvG because the vast majority of my GvG experience was in rank 500 or higher guilds, which didn't split most of the time (in fact, the reason my current guild was able to break into the top 300 recently is because we learned how to handle splits).

So today, I was playing in a PuG GvG as my favorite Warrior build, Eviscerate with Mending Touch. The opposing team was pretty good, nearly rank 100 and they had sent back a "YAA!" Warrior + Burning Arrow gank, so my team said we needed one of the Warriors to go back and help the Flag Runner. I knew I had to go because our other Warrior didn't have Mending Touch.

So when I went back, the flag runner proved unable to shut down, snare or heal well enough to stop them, but I realized that I would be able to solo either of the two builds we were up against with ease. If we had a Water runner to snare the "YAA!", for example, I could kill the Ranger and then kill the "YAA!".

They made short work of the flag runner though, so it was basically 2v1. I got the Ranger to about 10% health before I died, so I'm pretty sure my estimate of my ability to handle either of the characters was correct. Keep in mind these are pretty pro people I'm up against.

Incidentally, I play that axe build in RA very, very often due to boredom and just the general badassery of my Warrior that I can't resist <3. I think that playing that kind of build, which has no damage mitigation, uses Frenzy and has minimal healing power in RA promotes either success through excellent manuevering, kiting and outwitting other damage dealers 1v1, or simply failure.

Also, the build forces you to either be good at Bull's Strike or not kill anything on your own. There's no Shock to make it easy.

Here's the bar: Healing Signet, Frenzy, Rush, Bull's Strike, Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Mending Touch, Res Sig

Is it good for splitting? Not really, on paper the two gank builds I was up against are both better solo. But I am positive I could have outplayed those two gankers with another decent character to snare one of them or whatever.

So my main question that hopefully some better experienced GvGers can answer is... Does RA help you play splits/ganks well if you approach it correctly? (eg. Manuevering to survive as opposed to tanking with Mystic Regeneration)