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    Pink And Blue Ghosts

    Not sure if I have seen this answered but is there any significance to the pink and blue ghosts seen in the the RoT. It's not boy and girl ghosts either?

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    I think it's pink are tainted by abbaddon, blue aren't.

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    Actually, all souls inside the Realm of Torment are tainted by Abbadon - thats why they are there.

    It seems to me that the soul color is more a matter of their state - blue souls are usually lost, kept within the darkness unknowing why, and the pink ghosts are usually maddened, either from spending too much time in RoT, or simply because their deaths and eventual place of rest drove them insane.


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    Or possibly, the blue are the ones that Dhuum sent from UW, whilst the pink ones are supposed to be there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Flameheart View Post
    Or possibly, the blue are the ones that Dhuum sent from UW, whilst the pink ones are supposed to be there.
    Few of them are meant to be there... Dunkoro's son is a pink ghost and Ahtok is a blue one... maybe blue ones are the ones picked out from the river of souls by Dhuum's Dryders on the way to the Underworld and the pink ones are ones tainted by Abaddon and taken directly to the Realm of Torment.

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    Anything that is touched by Abbadon is meant to be there. Its a flaw in the way the Gods design it. Even if Donkuros son is a good guy and was fighting against Abbadons forces, he did came into contact with Abbadons influence and by the stipulations set forth by the Gods, he has to go to the Realm of Torment. Good and Evil seems to have no effect to it whatsoever, only one thing which is what I mentioned above.

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    The pattern does seem to be that Pink=mad soul, blue=tormented soul.

    Including the NPC's there, it might be that pink souls have been there longer, and blue souls have arrived only recently (Dunkoro's son was there a few years and is pink, the ones from the river of souls are recent, so are blue, and mad souls would have been there long enough to be driven mad, while tormented souls still have some sanity.)

    Some Orrian souls are blue, though, so this may not apply even than.

    (It could also just be the usual backup theory of not meaing anything, with Anet just choosing colors semi-randomly, and using the same color for all mad souls, and all torment souls.)

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    That seems more correct, Minionman. I'm sure the dialogs of the pink ones are different than the blues, and the pinks say more "crazy-man" things. And also, I'd like to ask what color the ghosts in the Desolation are, I know there are some there. I am guessing both.

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    Most ghosts are the "blue" color (actually sort of white with a small bit of blue.) the darkness of the realm of torment probably effects the apparent colorwhen compared to other areas.

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    I tend to agree that the blue ones are the ones sent by Dhuum from the soul river and other areas like the Underworld. It is also likely that blue ghosts turn into pink ghosts after being in the RoT for extended periods of time.
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