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    Whats better for derv seconday monk or?

    What would be a good choice for my pve derv as a secondary and also what is best for my pvp derv as a secondary? I tried warrior/ assassin /monk but I am kind of new so I need some help with builds and a secondary profession. Thanks...

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    There have been plenty of threads asking the same question, some quite recently afaik.

    /W offers some IAS's, and Wild Blow

    /N offers Plague Touch, and that's probably about it.

    /Mo provides many protective enchantments, including the lovely RoF (w/ 15 Mysticism)

    /A has shadow step skills, and certain defensive skills.

    /Me has IW, and Channeling (highly efficient with reapplying Enchantments in battle)

    /E has a lot of armor spells, wards, and the Conjure spells.

    Those are some of the secondaries off the top of my head.

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    /Mo secondary is the best for PvE by far. That does NOT mean u shouldnt try other combos as well. They can be fun.

    PvP is different, best secondaries depend on your team build. It can be /W or /P or /Mo or /A or whatever. Asking the best secondary for PvP will not help you at all, since you wont know why it's used anyway, and if you knew why it's used you wouldnt ask. Check other build, practice, experiment etc.

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    Take on me, you are wrong. Monk is not the best. Although they are efficient, they aren't as good as a real prot monk. And even if they were, there comes the whole problem of energy management(even with myst.). Not to mention you lose room for those derv enchants. Just like all the other secondaries, it has its flaws.

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    im a fan of the derv/necro combo. being able to touch away your conditions is something that shouldnt be underestimated. and because it is a skill, it works well with avatar of dwayna.

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    If you have a new dervish i would recommend going d/mo for the first portion of the game while you level. Its a forgiving secondary that will help you move along in situations where you may need to resurrect and or keep an eye on an npc to make sure it survives. You only need maybe 5-6 stock monk skills at most and will most likely only use the resurrect or rebirth skill and a healing skill. After you reach the Sanctuary consider changing to /n, /ele or /w. Those are my three preferences for a permanent secondary. Others have listed their pro's and cons. But I would say choose a secondary that compliments your play style and your developing skill bar.

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    On the contrary, if you use Protection Prayers' skills selfishly, they work very nicely. With 15 Mysticism, Reversal of Fortune is free, and you can have a satisfactory amount of damage reduced depending upon your level of Protection. I myself prefer Protective Spirit, which you can sharply reduce the cost of, and goes a long way to keep you alive, especially combined with Mystic Regeneration. Expensive, yes, but EXTREMELY effective.

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    ......Sooo to sum must of this post up....Everything is a good 2ndary for a dervish their like warriors honestly..work well as pure breed classes or muts personaly i use D/r and for only one skill..hekets rampage(im a vos dervy ^^)

    but ive also thought about using scavangers focus from wildy surv with cripling sweep or wounding sweep or..etc etc

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    I honestly dont put anything into my secondaries. Just Scythe, Mysticism, and Earth Prayers. Just use like hard resses or skills that don't require secondary attributes at all. Dervish is filled with skills that it can just use withouth any help. :]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jormandgundr
    Take on me, you are wrong. Monk is not the best. Although they are efficient, they aren't as good as a real prot monk.
    What on earth are you talking about? We are discussing secundaries not primaries. No one said about Dervish being prot monk.

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