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    What profession has most surviveability in pvp?

    Hey all, been playing for about 1 month and have a 20 necro and 20 sin 15 derv all pve I just started playing PVP and am looking for a profession that can take a licking and is hard as hell to take down and also can hold their own in the damage department. I know this game is pretty balanced but was wondering what profession/secondary can give me what I am looking for. This is strictly for pvp. And is it to my understanding that spike dps is best for pvp? Please soemeone help me, thanks...

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    It's not an easy question to answer. The warrior is designed to be the most resistant to damage, but that doesn't mean that someone with the write skills on their bar couldn't completely destroy him in a few seconds. The game is more about Skillbar vs. Skillbar or Team Build vs. Team Build than it is about one profession vs. another profession. You can have widely different characters even within a profession.

    The type of PvP is relevant as well.

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    For pure solo survivability and damage most players start with a W/Mo. It is fairly easy to come up with a skill list for the W/Mo on your own, and it isn't hard to play.

    However, it is defiantly *not* recommended for experienced players, who realize that you are far better off either doing damage *or* helping people survive. Really who wins isn't decided by individual builds but by team builds... having 4 sins usually isn't as good as having 1 sin, a monk, a mesmer, and an ele. (obviously unless the second team is really bad or the first is really good).

    I'm assuming that you are going to be playing random arenas, though, so I recommend a W/Mo. I recommend that you bring mending touch, a res signet, a speed boost, and 5 attack skills, for a good starting PvP (RA) build.

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