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    Question about pvp gear?

    Does my pvp toon have access to the gear that I find or buy in pve with my pve toon? Like armor weapons runes insignias etc? If so would my pvp toon be wearing it automatically or does it store some where?

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    Nope, PvP characters can only wear armor you craft for them using the J-Menu (press J :P). Armor is customized when its created ofc.

    Weapons can be used by any character as long as they aren't customized. PvP weapons you create using the J-Menu are automatically customized for that character... You can give a PvP char PvE weapons as long as they aren't customized, but if you customize them for that PvP char then you can't ever use them in PvE ever again, so be careful.

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    Just to note, what weapons and armor and such you can make with the "j" menu is decided by what you have unlocked. You can unlock mods by talking to a priest of balthazar in a PvP area, or by IDing a previously UNID item with said mod.

    You can't get stuff unlocked from buying an already ID'd rune or weapon from another player, or buying a rune from a merchant.

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