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Thread: I was wondering

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    I was wondering

    This isn't game changing or even really game balancing related but I was wondering if you could change the way the challenge missions are recorded. If you look at the ladder now on Guildwars.com all you see for some missions is 1 guild holding something like 30 places on the ladder. Just for more teams to get on the ladder, I would like it if just the highest score was recorded. Especially since the rank you have on the main ladder is based on only the highest score anyhow.

    Its just something I was noticing. Thanks.

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    That's something I wouldn't mind seeing as well. I suppose some people like seeing all their accomplishments, high score or not, displayed for the world to see though.

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    I just ask the same thing in Gailes thread. Let more people get on that ladder, or limit the number of places you can hold.

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    This is a great idea. This would also help alleviate somewhat the problem with the reward system in these challenge missions. Getting a decent score on Aurios Mines or Zos shivros, placing in the top 10 or 5, should not net you a paltry 7 faction.

    Please, increase the rewards, and implement Ace's idea.

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    Yes Anet, please do this. A good example of this happening(one I didn't post before) is Dajkah Inlet which has 5 teams on it, 4 of which hold 49 places on the ladder. And if you look even closer those guilds actually hold the same scores over and over again. It isn't even like they have a higher score then previously entered. Anyway Anet it would just be a good feature that I am sure more people would use if they could actually place against people who look like they play it for weeks in a row. Just because they play it alot doesn't deserve they get so many slots on that ladder.

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