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    D/Mo Pious Protector

    I admit, this build was inspired by ccrazool's build. I wanted to take it in a whole different direction.

    D/Mo Pious Protector (PvE)

    Mysticism 12 (10 + 2)
    Scythe Mastery 15 (11 + 1 + 3) OR 14 (10 + 1 + 3)
    Earth Prayers 8 (7 + 1)
    Protection Prayers 7 OR 9

    Pious Renewal (e)
    Reversal of Fortune
    Pious Assault

    Rebirth / Sunspear Rebirth Signet

    Mystic Regeneration
    Protective Spirit
    Mystic Vigor

    Mystic Sandstorm / Eremite's Zeal (optional)

    To make sure you can pre-enchant yourself and still have energy to attack, Radiant Insignia is advisable. Windwalker's Insignia is generally useless because of Protective Spirit. The only weapon requirement is a Scythe of Enchanting.

    Yes, I did something normally unorthodox. I'm using a Superior and a Major Rune, in a non-farming build (though honestly... this could quite easily be adjusted to farm). Pious Renewal and Reversal of Fortune make superb cover enchantments however, and your long-term enchantments should be more than safe. Nothing outside of Assault Enchantments or Gaze of Contempt can get rid of everything, and even then, Pious Renewal makes reapplying easy.

    The one thing I like about this build the most is that every enchantment I decided to use has a 1/4 cast time. Which means that you can almost literally wipe yourself clean with Mystic Sandstorm for a large damage spike (useful when your enchantments start to flash), and reapply every enchantment almost instantaneously.

    The divergence of my build from ccrazool's build is the use of RoF as the main funding for Pious Assault instead of PR. As long as PR is maintained, at worst, you will net energy, I haven't figured energy regeneration into the equation, but just from Mysticism and PR, RoF + PA nets 3 energy loss. Not only that, but even if RoF triggers before you can attack, then PR will be used up, and by the time you attack, RoF AND PR will be available, and up for use.

    Oh ya, and you have anywhere from +9 to +15 health regeneration up constantly, and you can't take any more than 10% damage. That's probably good too :P

    Oh, and if I didn't say it before, props to ccrazool for giving me the idea (even if he didn't actually give it to me... you know, personally).

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    Ok, after I lost Survivor, I lost the need for the defenses overkill. I've learned a lot through practice with this build. Namely...

    1. Insurance > Direct Healing
    2. Pious Assault's boosted usability is hindered by after-cast delay
    3. Signet of Pious Light + Pious Renewal = <3

    From those conclusions, I made a significantly easier build to run, that concentrates more on preventing/insuring damage rather than healing damage already done.

    Scythe Mastery 14 (11 + 3)
    Mysticism 12 (10 + 1 + 1)
    Earth Prayers 8 (7 + 1)
    Protection Prayers 7

    Mystic Regeneration
    Rebirth / Sunspear Rebirth Signet
    Pious Renewal (e)
    Reversal of Fortune / Signet of Pious Light
    Mystic Sweep
    Eremite's Sweep
    Faithful Intervention

    Windwalker's Insignia, w/ a Scythe of Enchanting. Damage has been vastly improved, and the defenses are near the same. FI is mainly to ensure that Conviction functions properly. RoF can be spammed for a 1 energy profit and significant amounts of damage reduced, or SoPL can be used for a potent direct heal, with 6 energy, every 3 seconds. I prefer the former, just because it somewhat counts as an enchantment, healing is redundant w/ Mystic Regeneration, and the cast time is 1/4 versus 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamStealer View Post
    2. Pious Assault's boosted usability is hindered by after-cast delay
    True - which is why it doesn't go well in a build with mystic sandstorm...but there are ways to make it work for you. I've especially enjoyed using it in builds featuring pious renewal and conviction (cast both, then use pious assault twice, repeat), extend enchantments -with other cheap enchantments, and burning speed.

    Combine all of those skills into a build, and you can lay on loads of enchantments, run in (really fast with burning speed) then start stripping the enchantments with pious assault so that you do damage and spread conditions (burning when burning speed ends/any other conditions caused by ending enchants).

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