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    How Long will we be playing GW?

    Hi Everyone.

    First off: This is not a “Doom and Gloom” thread, so please don’t hurt me (and I am not sure if this has been covered already, if it has, the mods must please close this thread and accept my apology .)

    I have been playing GW for the last 7 months now (and enjoy every second) and it occurred to me the other day that I have no idea how long I will be able to play. Since I am new to online games in general, I have no idea what the average lifespan of one is. (I know WoW has been around for a while now.)

    Since GW Chapter 4 is coming (soon I hope ) that will extend the life by quite a while I think, maybe another year if no other chapters are released? Anet has not (and probably wont) say anything regarding the time that their servers will be running.

    I think a lot of “hardcore” GW players will want to stick around forever, but will the amount of truly dedicated players, that will purchase every chapter as they come out, be enough to fund the next chapter? I also think that at some stage it will become impossible to balance everything, as the skills and professions become more with each instalment. We might end up just getting expansions that add a few areas and armours (not that I would complain, but it might rub some people the wrong way, since this was not what was promised initially.)

    So basically, I was just wondering how long you think we will still have to play? (If it has crossed your minds.)


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    This topic has been done before but anyways. I am still in Factions and haven't even started with Nightfall so for me there is still a lot to do before i get bored. But i know (because i am a very casual player) that Chapter 4 will be out even before i can finish Nightfalls.

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    probably around 4-5 years with just the current chapters. so i'll definitely be getting my moneys worth. with more chapters, i'll probably be playing even longer. Diablo 2 and the expansion lasted me around 4-5 years lol.

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    I didn't start playing until Factions was already out. Our PC wouldn't have run it! I now have five characters at various stages in the three chapters and I haven't completed any of them. I think I'll be playing for quite a while yet, especially if there are festivals and silly events to keep me amused.

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    This topic has been dealt with before, and its like beating a dead horse with a stick. GW has a set limited player pool, meaning the hardcore fans of GW will remain alive and well. However; with many new upcoming and new releases of MMORPG, that player pool could get dilluted.

    Will GW be around for awhile? Yes. Will the releasing of new classes and skills over complicate an already taxed out skill system? Yes. Only hope GW has in remaining competitive is to innovate in their next campaigns. Steps in innovation have already started with the heroes and armor, weapon & offhand customiztion. I have read on this forum great ideas for new classes and even great ideas for elite and nonelite skills alike. The challenge for Anet is to become more creative with their wonder child, and to *listen* to the wants of the gw fan.

    Like all things, there must be a passing of the torch. When GW is done and over with, I'm sure Anet will introduce a GW2. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the long ride with this wonderful game called gw.
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    I thought the question wasn't so much that old chestnut "How long are people going to want to keep playing GW?", but more "How long will the servers stay up for, cos I love this game and want to keep playing it for years to come, but am concerned that ANet will run out of dough and have to close them down before I'm ready to quit". And, if it's not, that's the question I'd like answering. (I encountered this problem of not enough players to keep things going with old-school PnP style DMed NWN games over at Neverwinter Connections, due to having discovered the game too late in its lifespan, you see, and would hate to have the same thing happen to me with GW.)

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    Given my previous record with diablo and diablo2 Ill probably be around for quite some time to come

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Smartypants View Post
    ......"How long will the servers stay up for, cos I love this game and want to keep playing it for years to come, but am concerned that ANet will run out of dough and have to close them down before I'm ready to quit"......
    That is basically what I was getting at. I apologise if it was/is unclear.

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    With bandwith, server hardware etc becoming increasingly cheaper, I predict that the GW servers will be going for as long as ANet is around making games. Keeping "old" games up costs little but gives a lot in terms of PR. It keeps your product on the shelves, it keeps loyal customers happy so that they may buy your newest game when they eventually tire of your old game, it offers "cheap" gameplay as an introduction for those that may not today afford your newest games but who might in the future do so.

    Most importantly, it builds trust that it is "safe" to start playing the developer's games. After all, why would anyone put in hundreds or thousands of hours into something that may be shut down as soon as it is no longer "profitable". That trust is invaluable to online games and it has to be built over several years. Once a game developer shuts down an online game that is still played, the bridges burned are very difficult to re-build, and I dont think this is anything Anet would want to put themselves through.

    I actually attribute a lot of Blizzard's success to that they over the years have kept up their servers for older games (DiabloII, WCIII etc). I often see Diablo and Warcraft games on display in game shops (usually in the "classics" or "good value" sections). Seeing that Anet was built of a lot of old DiabloII developers, I think they will have that same basic insight.

    To sum up, the GW servers will probably be going for a very long time.

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    Ever think Anet will allow the game to go to the private sector? that is sell the license for private server use?

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