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    For the Sins who don't use SP burst sin in PVP?

    When you guys pvp what build do you use? I have been playing a SP build and love the spike but it does have it's holes and if you get blinded or KD your combo is shot and your stuck /dance for 20 secs which sux. What build do you guys use that is effective and grants some surviveability? Thanks...

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    Depends really but right now I enjoy running Moebius Strike + Death Blossom as the 'main' part of the attack and depending on the role build around that.

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    I've also used Moebius-DB, but with a ritualist secondary to add in splinter weapon (35 AoE damage for the next 4 attacks, SW recharges in 5 seconds). Jagged->Exhausting Assualt (1/2 second dual interrupt and gives exhaustion? sure!)->moebius->DB->moebius->DB. Despite the look of it, anyone around my main target ended up with alot of armor ignoring damage in a short amount of time (~75 damage per splintered death blossom AoE hit.)

    Source of healing was rather slim though (only had the weapon spell that lets you steal health for next X hits, 10 second recharge).

    But at the moment I've been using my AoD build (check the thread lower down entitled AoD build for my build which I posted in there).

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    GWOnline.Net Member Hyun Sai's Avatar

    Hex breaker Sin

    Dagger mastery 15 (11+1+3)
    Critical strike 9 (8+1)
    Shadow arts 9 (8+1)
    Deadly arts 9 (8+1)
    Domination 4

    Siphon Speed
    Black lotus
    Death blossom
    Moebius Strike
    Hex breaker
    Feigned neutrality (whatever)
    Rez (expose defense if not needed)

    This build is kinda fun and saved my *** countless times against mesmers, necros, shadow prison, etc. This is my favorite Sin build until now, heeh. It can take some time until you got hex breaker timing though...

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    I really like mobility as a sin. Just doesn't feel right running towards a target and telling them, "hey i'm coming after you!!!! get ready!!!".

    Hex breaker, siphon speed sins are deadly though. I just don't find them very fun to play.

    I reccomend AOD as an elite if you dont like shadow prison.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Shuuda's Avatar

    Well, A build I use in RA:

    +5e Silencing Sai

    Feigned neutrality
    Leaping Mantis
    Temple strike
    Wild Strike/ Fox fangs
    Blades of steel
    Shadow Walk
    Hex Breaker (Cancel stance + a small defence Vs necros and SP)

    a Pretty simple, but effective build to play.

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    A Gaurdian
    i got something i alwasy use in ra

    plz have 30 nrg though

    Aura of D
    Mark of Instability
    Black Lotus strike
    Blades of steel/horns of the ox
    shado ref
    res sig

    it has 2 knowckdowns so it usually kills all monks..knocking down monks beats speed. I also don't have nf

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    Won a couple of matches with this 1


    Dagger: 14(+3+1)
    Shadow: 7(+1)
    Deadly: 7(+1)
    Critical: 13(+1)
    Curses: 0

    Parasitic Bond
    Black Lotus Strike
    Black Spider Syrike
    Death Blossom
    Feigned Neutrality
    Aura of Displacement[E]

    Works like this:
    Para Bond -> AoD -> BLS -> DB -> Impale -> BSS -> DB

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    GWOnline.Net Member Monstrum's Avatar

    without a snare or KD or speed boost thats not effective on a complete moron

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    GWOnline.Net Member cranialexodus's Avatar

    I recommend moebius strike, shattering assault, temple strike or Dark Apostasy for RA if you don't want to use SP.

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