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    You sir..are nuts!!! ^

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    Just the beginning of my paragon's adventures. But I wanted to start it right.

    Today I finally achieved legendary survivor. The first thing I did was give my girlfriend the first blood (first kill).

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    yet another update of my Paragons titles and stuff

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    Just been drawing a little...



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    I finally maxed out Sunspear. That's something I never want to do again.

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    Like previously mentioned I've gotten bored of Reshi.
    So this looks like his final title score:

    But I am just smitten with Abdel. He is currently on his way to survivor - doing pretty much all the quests he can. He already did pretty much all the quests up to Vabbi that I could find - although I have just remembered that he still needs to do the Turai-series of quests.

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    Just completed Skill Hunting....


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    Updating a bit:

    Quite proud of the 3 titles I "pinked" out:
    I am currently grinding my *** off with the SS/LB (which also contributes some 5k exp per run to my Survivor) - and Abdel is actually my FIRST ever character to reach Tier 9 in SS and anything higher then tier 2 in LB!
    I still have my issues with the LB title - but screw it - if they designed to the game to be broken - who am I to NOT abuse this!

    Also - I actually went over 50% of Elona explored (I think all others had around 40% when they completed the game and that was actually pretty much my que to never step into c3 again)! Abdel was my first ever character to wander off and put Yahnur Market on the map!
    Who knows - he might actually be also the first character that will do the Hidden City mission! (I never did it before since I ALWAYS choose the same heroes - so I never needed to do it! And the ONLY reason why I actually did Poghan and that mission that follows the "Garden in danger" was because I was helping out people - otherwise I'd never do it either!)

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