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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono Mozza View Post
    Congrats! I pretty much gave up vqing mid-way through tyria :P
    Admittedly, the whole Vanquishing experience can get a little tiresome after a while if you’re doing it on your own. Having a Vanquishing partner, however, can really make the areas fly by; plus you potentially have 3 more heroes you can equip with awesome builds resulting in swift and successful vanquishes.

    And yes, CTT is a fantastic skill to bring along when Vanquishing The Crystal Desert – swap your elite over to Soldier’s Fury and you’re laughing. It’s fast become a favourite of mine and I now find myself scouring the Wiki before heading off in to an area for the sole purpose of seeing whether there’s any touch skills that can justify my bringing it. Shines during Shards of Orr, too!


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    It was more a case of it getting tedious rather than difficult, and I did do some of the harder maps too, like rotscale and the wind rider map in the jungle (forget the name of it now). I should probably get back into it some time but I've got other stuff to do right now. Maybe over the summer :P

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    It's not VQer but....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono Mozza View Post
    It's not VQer but....

    0-4mil ab, 4-9mil MQSC, 9-10mil FA.
    (ignore skill bar :P)
    Nicely done!

    Shout if you need vq help.


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    Got a green! Not had one of those in ages. Oh yeah, and a title. And hit 10m xp.
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    So, I got around to finishing that tyria vq due to 7H. Nothing quite like the droks run vq to finish it :D

    30 areas in elona to get legendary. Will probably do these over the course of the new zq etc.

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    Finished it with the title the evaded me all those years ago, by accepting a rather fitting quest reward. :P

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