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    Help with W/E Factions build

    I'm working with a Fire Swordsman.

    Here are the stats:
    Strength: 8+2
    Sword: 10+1
    Tac: 9
    Fire Magic: 9

    Sever Artery
    Final Thrust
    Conjure Flame
    Star Burst (elite)
    Heal Sig
    Res Sig
    ***Open*** (I usually use Jaizenju Strike and sometimes Frenzy)

    I am equipped with a Fiery Dragon Sword of Enchanting and Lian's Lantern

    1) Should swap out Star Burst for Quivering Blade or Dragon Slash? I usually go with Star Burst because of the multiple target ability.
    2) Should I drop the Lantern (Energy/Health boost) for a shiled?
    3) Any suggestions?

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    Conjure Flame would synergize pretty well with a standard Dragon Slash build, which is [Sever/Gash/Sun and Moon/Dragon Slash/Heal Sig/Res Sig/IAS/Util Slot]. IAS = Increased Attack Stance, which is frenzy, tiger's stance, flail, whatever. Util Slot would be conjure flame. I would drop the healsig for something like Protector's Strike to help with adrenaline gain, and run 16 sword, 11 fire, and 9 str. I wouldn't put DragonSlash and Final Thrust on the same bar. If you want to keep Fthrust, Quivering is the next best thing. And I would definitely swap the Lantern for a shield.

    The thing with warriors using energy spells to try to do damage is that there is something inherently ineffecient about it - Warriors have the best consistent damage in the game just by autoattacking. Give them skills to use and its no comparison. So in a way, you're gimping your warrior by making him use energy and time to do damage that could just as easily be done by letting a couple seconds go by swinging your weapon. Oversimplified explanation, but that's the heart of the issue.

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    Good points for me to look into. Thanks!

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