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Thread: manual blocking

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    manual blocking

    Hi guys,

    What I would like to see in GW is a different way of "blocking" attacks:

    For example, whenever you activate "Shield Bash" the skill is highlighted and ready for use x seconds, but you will have to push on the skillbutton again to use it. If you use it I would like to see a real bash with the shield. This is also the same for other "blocking" skills. Think about distortion: you'll see the image of your characted actually getting distorted. Or a simple shield block: seeing your warrior hold up his shield and hearing the sound of metal impact. Or monk blocking skills showing an aura of magical shields around your character.

    Replace the name of the mechanic "blocking" into "fail"

    For example: Four 7 seconds attacks skills used against have a failure chance of 75%.

    Your attacks cannot fail or whatever...

    This means that we can still evade with "escape" example. You active the stance and then push repeatedly on skill to evade seeing your character animate.

    In short I would like to see blocking or whatever you call it become manual.

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    As I never tried to play as a Warrior, I cannot know if they have that much time on their hands in battle.
    But as a Mesmer, Elementalist, Ranger, Ritualist, Assassin and Paragon player, I know I cant afford the time to manually activate the blocking every time I see an attack coming my way. The blocking spells and skills are "cast and forget", so I can concentrate on something else rather than have my nose sticked on the screen trying to see when and by who I'll get attacked.

    As for the mechanic, there are 3 mechanics right now that prevents a foe to hit you with attacks.
    1- Miss, the foe is Blinded or Hexed with certain hexes.
    2- Dodge, you manually avoid arrows and projectiles.
    3- Block, you activated a skill that provides chances of blocking.

    Personnally, I think that's enough... "Fail" is in the skill departement, and should remain that way. A skill will fail either because enchantments and Hexes caused certain spells/skills to fail, or either your Dagger attacks did not meet the requirements. If a regular attack fails to hit, it has either been dodged, blocked, or you missed.

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    I don't want "cast and forget" things in Guild Wars. How can you cast or use an attack skill simulteneously?? That is exactly what happens in GW. And because of this Anet found and excuse not to add any blocking or evading animations...

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    Actively blocking each attack punishes anyone with a low bandwidth connection or other possible sources of lag. It becomes a step too far into twitch gaming, where the better your hardware the greater your advantage, even more so than equipment or player skill.

    It still makes no sense anyway, since it's possible to be hit by multiple attacks at once, how do you explain having to actively block, while that block handles every single attack thrown at you in that instant. GW's blocks are only ever going to be fire & forget for the lazy (skilled players can time their block activations againist an opponent's adrenaline build for a spike, or to prevent interruption of their self-heal etc), since "actively" triggering blocks is just reducing the time period in which you can essentially "forget" while provide no particular change in the mechanics, though the player now just hammers on their keyboard as fast as possible to ensure they block.

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    Guild wars is a near perfect combo of tactics and skill in it's PvP(which is hard to do with so many classes and builds). Adding twitch gameplay would kill it. Why use tactics when you can get a better connection and twitch your way to victory? Not to mention, not everyone uses the number keys to activate skills. For example, I move with WASD and activate skills with my mouse(along with everything else), activating skills and using stances(and instant skills, etc.) in conjunction with each other is hard enough at times, having me reclick a skill every time I'm attacked or attack would make it not only hard, but very annoying.

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    Guild Wars is not a fighting game. 'nuff said

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    Quote Originally Posted by MStarfire View Post
    Guild Wars is not a fighting game. 'nuff said
    Now you got me thinking of:

    Guildy Gear XX#R

    That would be awsome....

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    Actualy, this sounds a lot like DnD online , were you can dodge and block manualy.

    Dont think it could fit very well in GW, but still a cool concept.

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    Well having personally trained in using a sword, in real life not just my meat head in gw , I know you can attack and block at the same time. In fact, if you donít and youíre life depended on it, youíd be dead. A warrior by definition should be able to attack, block, and maintain complex footwork all at the same time. Just as you can imagine in the fantasy world that a caster would need incredible focus to cast complex spells while getting attacked, keeping track of the target, and whatís going on in the battle on the whole.

    Adding a manual ability to block would probably unbalance a great many things too. Skills now say they have a 50% chance to block, thatís something players on both sides of combat can count on. But if it were a manual the chance of blocking it could be considerably more or less than that. It would introduce twitch play as these guys have said, someone with a better tactical mind would lose to someone with an itchy finger that blocks everything. Best to leave things in the chance grounded mechanics of gw, and leave reflex games for the real world.

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    Hmm, okay but atleast some blocking animation. If a warrior is able to block and attack at the same time than I would like to see it. Visuality is not everything, but it makes things more interesting.

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