Hi guys,

What I would like to see in GW is a different way of "blocking" attacks:

For example, whenever you activate "Shield Bash" the skill is highlighted and ready for use x seconds, but you will have to push on the skillbutton again to use it. If you use it I would like to see a real bash with the shield. This is also the same for other "blocking" skills. Think about distortion: you'll see the image of your characted actually getting distorted. Or a simple shield block: seeing your warrior hold up his shield and hearing the sound of metal impact. Or monk blocking skills showing an aura of magical shields around your character.

Replace the name of the mechanic "blocking" into "fail"

For example: Four 7 seconds attacks skills used against have a failure chance of 75%.

Your attacks cannot fail or whatever...

This means that we can still evade with "escape" example. You active the stance and then push repeatedly on skill to evade seeing your character animate.

In short I would like to see blocking or whatever you call it become manual.