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    (Merged) Guild Wars News in next PCGamer Issue?

    Taken from the back of my April 2007 PC Gamer magazine, about the May issue:

    ....... We got some info on the down-low about your favorite subscription-free MMORPG, Guild Wars. The hell, you say? Well, you'll just have to wait like the rest of us ( and by us, I mean people who don't work at PC Gamer - because we'll know before you do. Sorry, that's just how it works ).
    Any ideas? And apologies if this has been posted already, I looked but didn't see it and just got my issue in the mail this evening, saw this, thought I'd share it.

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    Nice find!

    Given how NCSoft hinted that the next chapter will come at the second semester, and that we're getting close to when people would expect the fourth chapter if Arena Net followed the "one release per 6 months"...I think it's logical they would say something by now. Even if it's just that we will wait a bit more than expected.


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    Hmmm, given that this is February, is it not a bit premature to have an April copy of a magazine?

    Let alone be asking about what information is going to be given out in May?

    Please forgive me if I am wrong, but don't April editions come out in April, not February?

    Anyways, more info is always cool, and sooner is better than later, I suppose.
    I am just confused about the whole February/April/May thing - seems to me like we have to have March before April, no?

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    Crazy, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Troy View Post
    Please forgive me if I am wrong, but don't April editions come out in April, not February?

    Go to any magazine store and you'll see that. The logic in the idea was this - when you go to a store magazine to buy something with news, are you going to buy the magazine from the current month, or the "newer" one, from the next month?

    As silly as that is, plenty of magazines now say they are from the month far ahead they actually are. Even comic books do that - the comic books released last week had April 2007 on their covers.


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    Well ,this makes sense to me. It also explains why Gaile has been pretty tight-lipped lately about the upcoming chapter.. she's probably waiting for this PCGamer thing to come out before saying anything.

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    They do this so they can get it out to their subscribers in time in which case they end up release it to their publishers for distribution.It is a lot like getting your bills mailed to you they do it 2 weeks before the end of the month.

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    If you were to buy a magazine today, you wouldn't buy the January Magazine because it's the end of February. In reality, the January Magazine has been on the stands for well over 3 months.

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    Well, the last pc gamer had some juicy info on nightfall (plus a minipet.)

    And, some of the first big info for factions was released from Computer Gaming world mag.

    ...Chapter 4 your so close but yet so far away.

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    yeah i found about the gayness the mag ppl do when that grey giant minipet thing happened.

    I sent the wife to BOOKS-A-MILLION.

    This iirc was in october. They had just pulled novembers issues (the one with the giant code) and had put out decembers.

    Literally. JUST DONE IT,.

    She said the clerk told her the green boxes that were taped up in the isles had the november issues in them, but they couldnt sell her any...

    STUPID STUFF if you ask me..

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    since it'll probably be a "first peek" article, they have probably already talked to Alex about the upcomming release. They'll offer up a few tidbits of information on the new chapter, maybe a couple of pics of stuff in development, then followed by pcgamers usual speculation meters and generalizations about the new chapter, and then a rating based on the information they have at the moment.

    the fact that we're hearing about it from pc gamer tells me that anet has already established an official press release date sometime in may....let the speculation commence!

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