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    Can YOU speak another language?

    considering that 2/3 of both Americans and the British only speak English, can YOU speak another language.

    i'm quite proud to be able to say that i can speak:
    Spanish (Donde este le perro?)
    German (Ich haben das Skillz)
    Latin (Memento Sa Angelos De Mori)
    Japanese (Konnichiwa! genki des ka?)
    English (Bai Jove old chap! it's been years, lets go down to windsor for some tea and crumpets!)
    Danium (don't ask, seriously)

    and less seriously:
    Fluent Leetspeak (\/\/|-|/-\7 |_| |)()|_|71|\| /\/\/-\ 5|<1!!Z?)
    Fluent Gibberish (aso kato, nariba! makedanaka, sodi raqeuora)
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