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    Searching For Experienced Guild

    Ok, first off, before I get started on what Iím looking for in a guild I would like to say I am girl. So if your guild is anyway unfriendly or biased towards women, do not post here. Thanks.

    Now to the good stuff.

    I am looking for a friendly, active, mature, experienced, and light-hearted guild. I enjoy playing Guild Wars at my own speed so I donít like to be rushed through or ordered around to do things someone elseís way instead of my own way of trial and error. Iím also looking for a guild on the Kurzick side and one that is mainly PvE but still does PvP, GvG, and AB stuff occasionally. Iím a pretty active player and Iíve been playing for over a year now. I enjoy doing things with other players and I wonít hesitate to help someone else get through a quest or mission if I can. I have a pretty wild schedule but Iím mostly on in the afternoon and evening (Mountain Standard Time/ US). Iíve been in a few guilds, an officer in one, but they all seem to fade out and go inactive so I want a guild thatís got staying power and has been together for awhile. Iíve got all three campaigns but ironically, Iíve yet to actually beat any of them because I have a nasty habit of killing my characters off whenever the mood strikes me. I want a guild that enjoys playful, but clean banter between members and has a light hearted atmosphere. Iím a pretty casual player and I enjoy talking with my fellow guildies. Iím really friendly and I have a good sense of humor, but I wonít put up with foul language or racial slurs.

    My main characters are Killer R A B B I T (W/Mo) and Sparrow Kanin(R/E) but I have others that I casually play when Iím in the mood to. I can be contacted via a PM to either of my IGNs or a PM through this site.


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    GWOnline.Net Member Malcus's Avatar

    We may be a good fit for you, we have several females in our guild. Here is our info and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Guilded Rose [Rose] was founded in May 2005 shortly after the release of Guild Wars. We are part of a 5 Guild Kurzick Alliance and have a been growing since the guild was created. Our players range in age from 16-60 with our average age in the late 20's to early 30's. We have 40+ member and more than half are active daily, our members are from across the USA as well as Canada, Austrailia and a few service people in Europe.

    Our guild is primarily a PVE Based guild and we are beginning to do more PVP from time to time. There is normally someone online at most times throughout the day. Our Guild and Alliance are very helpful and extremely friendly once you get to know us. If your looking for a place where everyone feels like a family stop by and check us out.

    Visit here if you are interested in finding out more about us and check out our forums.


    or I can be reached at either of these IGN's: Malcus Ironforge or Galdor Wayfinder

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I would like to talk to you about the Dark Regulators (REG). We are a widely diverse guild that covers all US timezones as well as a few outside the US. Our players range from 12 - 57 but I have no idea of the mix between the sexes, because that does not matter. We look for active players who enjoy the game and want to interact with other members.

    We try to limit foul language and do not put up with racial or sexual slurs. If one of the officers encounter this, or are notified about it, the player gets a chance to apologize. Repeated occurances are grounds for dismissal. This is not usually done lightly, because most of us don't play the game for these confrontations, but we do what we think is necessary for the good of the guild.

    The Dark Regulators [REG] are a fairly active Kurzick guild with over 70 members currently located mostly on the American server. Our members are mostly friendly and helpful, as are the members of our alliance. Both guild and alliance are primarily PVE (player vs environment - or the game itself) but some of the players participate in some form of PVP play. Our membership consists of a wide range of age groups, all level characters and all three of the current GuildWars games.

    We are not a dedicated factions farming guild, so there is no requirement for the players to obtain a specified number of faction points over a given period of time. If you want to build factions that is your individual choice. If you are looking for a guild that believes the only way to be a good guild is to obtain factions, we are not a good choice.

    We are looking for friendly, active, and dedicated gamers to join our family. The guild has few rules and only asks that you be courteous and respectful of the other members of the guild and alliance. If you receive help, and you probably will if you ask for it, we only ask that you help other members when they ask and you are able. In this way you will get to learn more about the other players and they will get to know you. This is fairly important in our guild, but not required.

    We belong to a three guild alliance. While one is a small guild of RL friends, the other may be slightly larger than ours. Their membership is also a little older but they share the same attitudes as REG.

    If you are interested, you can check our new website at http://DarkRegulators.guildportal.com or you can contact me in the game as Mystery Dog, although I do play other charactes at times.

    I look forward to hearing from you whether or not you decide to join us.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Aikawa's Avatar

    If you are over 16 years of age take a look at http://dvdf.org.uk You can either use the form on the website or give me a poke ingame @ Gwen Starlight for a chat.


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    Hey Mystery I had already contacted her via game but to all that are still looking for her she has found a guild.

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