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    Visions of Regret

    Ive been working with this for a little, mostly because I hate being hit and I dont do alot in the Dom line. I have to say I like it. Alot of the Margonites melee stuff is adenaline based, so seeing a couple of armor ignoring -126's float off there head are pretty fun. I think I like it better then Inept because it lasts longer and isnt a one shot deal with the damage.

    Ive been running:

    Glyph Lesser energy
    Arcane Echo
    Visions of Regret (E)
    Shatter Hex
    Lightbringer Gaze/Ether Feast

    If Im dealing with more casters then melee I Arcane the backfire. If its more melee I go VoR. Most definately its not a final version of a build, better people then I are alot better at tweaking things out.

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    would rather go for empathy + MoR :)

    VoR is just not worth it.

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    For melee I love using a comination of spirit shackles + mind wrack + empathy and just keep spaming mind wrack when its triggered, its old school and effective hehe

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    Well if this is PvE, which I assume with the reference to Margonites, then it will take you a little less than half a year to drain out their energy...

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    Or (possibly) better, Soothing Images to prevent them from building adrenaline in the first place. Then wastrel's Worry to punish them for not using their skills. Lightbringer's Gaze (or your favourite non-spell interrupt skill) for when they do try to do something.

    If you want to use your elite for directly influencing a warrior, you can use Simple Thievery to disable one of their skills. You'll likely be stuck with the skill for quite a while after the enemy you stole it from is dead, though.
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    +No reason to not stack Visions of Regret with Empathy.
    +Might as well bring a skill interrupt (signet of disruption would fit nicely, albeit diversion is good, it is a bit expensive, considering other hexes) if the target try to heal sig or anything.
    -Maybe guilt or shame for energy, and shatter enchant for more a punch. (seems to energy heavy)

    I would change to this.

    Glyph of Lesser Energy
    Arcane echo
    Visions of Regret
    Signet of Disruption/Diversion

    There's no sense in bringing Ether feast.. Since you aren't using another inspiration line spell.
    I would go for Guilt and a Rez or Guilt and Shatter Enchant.

    This can work good I believe, the original flaw was energy tough... Since you can use arcane echo to double the most effective hex on the moment. However most of time you may end up echoing backfire instead of visions of regret since as a mesmer this would improve killing speed.

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    The reason I placed Diversion on there was because I was running into foes that would avoid adrenalin based attacks because of VoR. I Would then throw Diversion on them which disables a non-adrenalin attack skill for roughly minute, kinda forcing the melee to use the other attack skills. That was my thought anyways.

    Your right tho, it is energy heavy, Im constantly using GoLE. As far as interupting for energy in PvE, ever since heros came along, I cant interupt worth crap. I cant beat a hero to the punch.

    I like the setup in the above post. I'll run with it a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petezombie View Post
    For melee I love using a comination of spirit shackles + mind wrack + empathy and just keep spaming mind wrack when its triggered, its old school and effective hehe
    Yeah it's especially effective against henchmen lol. The Mergoyles in Kryta vs henchmen, no Alesia, resist it! Stop wanding! too late.

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