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Poll: Which one looks better?

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    Jade Longbow or Amber Longbow

    Which one looks better:

    ^ Jade Longbow

    ^ Amber Longbow

    PS is jade considered a gem liek diamonds.rubies.sapphires are or are they just perecious.... erm...
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    GWOnline.Net Member cilenia's Avatar

    amber! but that is becasue i like orange :) and i'm a kurzick

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    GWOnline.Net Member kagie's Avatar

    isn't there also a NF-bow with a shiny version?

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    GWOnline.Net Member


    Azure Bow = win.

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    GWOnline.Net Member windcaller's Avatar

    zodiac bow = win.

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    *wags finger*

    Platinum Longbow wins.

    Anyway, I think Jade Longbow looks better than Amber Longbow.

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    Lytha's Avatar

    Of the pictures posted in this thread:

    Azure wins indeed.
    Then, Jade.
    Amber looks too dull, and I don't like orange.

    (though I'm a Kurzick.)

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    I tend to like the jade one cause.... WTF i jus got a gold one! XD

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    I always liked Jade.

    HOWEVER, It really depends on the armor inmho, a black bow with orange looks terrible on some armor, whereas the jade could look just as terrible on another set.

    Personaly, my Jade bow dyed silver looks really wicked.

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    surymi's Avatar

    im kurzick but i must say that i do prefer the jade one
    i dont like orange
    and i think that the greeny colour of jade fits better with most of armours

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