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    Talking N/ME pestilence farmer

    Yo, fellow necros, and let me present to you the


    variation A


    Death 15 (11+3+1)
    Blood Magic 11 (10+1)
    Inspiration 5
    curse 2 (1+1)

    1.Shadow Of Fear
    2.Opressive Gaze
    6.Physical Resistance
    7.Blood Renewal

    Description~This is the basic version, meant for farming basic enemies, such as trolls, minos (as shown on the video) boarillas...er those gorilla things outside of arjok ward. Things that hit you hard objects, and like to bunch up , without much else.

    Usage~The key is mass enfeebling, and keeping up phys resistance. Shadow of fear will further reduce damage (by 50%), while Blood Renewal should keep the damage that does get through from hurting you. Enfeeble+virulence+epidemic will spread 8 degen among the enemies. usually, most enemies will be dead after 30 or so seconds-2 casts of virulence. The hardest part of the build, is grouping the enemies up to cast epedemic. Not only does this work on minos, but almost any melee in the game. However, do not attempt to take on more then 7 at any given time, and even that takes practice. You should get used to 4-5, taking on any more then that is risky, and requires alot of practice.

    A alternative version subs out some of the points in blood magic, so its


    This allows you to bring SV, which allows you to farm some harder enemies, including taking on the bugs+healer outside arjok ward. A vermin solo is shown on the video, but I have a 75%-80% success rate, so its not recommended for survivors, while my success rate with the first one is almost 100%


    (PS:soundtrack sung to the tune of the original death note anime theme , which is THE BEST ANIME EVER)
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    Heh, funny how it's called a Pestilence farmer, and yet doesn't use the skill.

    Looks solid, have you given this a whirl against Aatxes? No more than 3 at a time, I'm guessing?

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    cool build, suffering is another good skill you could work in as it effects all the enemies in 1 area although this requires curses

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    On your first build, you have 40ish attribute left. At least that what I had when I tried it :P

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    you did? then put some points in inspiration i guess.....

    on aataxes........hmm........probably not because they have 4 natural regen, and
    300 damage ....though the second version might work on grasps and smites IF smites can be poisoned and diseased...refer to the Rit/me or the E/me builds for running past the aaxtes,

    I've also found that this build works quite well against the cobalts outside jennurs horde

    also, if a mod can add these to the OP,



    to farm vermin, take out channeling and bring plague touch

    ill be doing some testing to see if UW farm is possible

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    Only problem in the UW would be that Smites spam a condition removal. cant remember which one.

    Interesting build, good job.

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    Sorry it took me a few days to get around to this... I had trouble dling the video. Nice build though!
    ~Bella Sera~
    PAL it up!
    No trees were harmed in the sending of this message but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

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    Thanks for the build. I'm going to try it this weekend.

    I'm getting tired of my Wammo melee farming build. 100% success but takes too long.

    30sec kills sounds very appealing....:)

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    physical resistance, enfeeble, epidemic, ss, insidious parasite, reckless haste, signet of lost souls may work better

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildi View Post
    physical resistance, enfeeble, epidemic, ss, insidious parasite, reckless haste, signet of lost souls may work better
    SS will make them scatter and Contagion wont...

    K i've tried the template, it work great. In your first post, you have Gaze of Contempt Skill, which remove enchant, and in template you have Oppressive Gaze. You should edit that in first post :P
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