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    PVP Dervish Build need help

    love my dervish so far

    Currently lvl20 Dervish/Ritualist

    skill setup:
    1. Chilling Victory
    2. Banishing strike
    3. Lyssas Haste
    4. Lyssas Assault
    5.Heart of Fury
    8. Rez segnent

    14 scythe with mods
    6 Mysticism

    I run with a Communing staff and drop a Pain spirit in a good spot and possibly the second one. Then I switch to scythe and go after targets and continue to drop spirits as needed.

    How does this build sound?

    Im sure I could use better skills but Im a noob and dont know what is good, but its a fun class so far.

    not sure if this is needed but I normally just do RA so no heros or anything just 4x4.

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    If you want to spirit spam, then go rit. The slots used for spirits could be better taken up by enchants, and you have too many attack skills. 3 is enough for a derv. Remember, scythes already have alot of power, you don't need to use a skill attack every time.

    Also, lyssa's haste is okay, but you don't have any self heals to counter that damage, nor any defensive skills whatsoever to slow down your death. Lyssa's assault is okay, but IMO, the damage isn't worth the slot, and neither is the small net energy gain. With 3 enchants, mystic sweep does much more damage, and is also much faster(great as an attack canceller). There are better E managements then 1 energy per hit(a zealous weapon gets the same result, for every attack, and you don't need a skill to use one). Chilling victory is good, but it has no synergy with your build. You need a way to keep your health higher then your enemy's. Deep wound, self heals, or health increasing skills are your friend for that, which you have none of. I strongly suggest using a skill like wounding strike or victorious sweep, and then follow with chilling.

    Banishing strike is just.... too conditional...

    Focus on doing one thing, don't try to spread yourself too thin. Wanderlust is a great skill, no denying that, but it's not a very good derv skill. Also, your build on a whole has no real synergy. No self heal, while using lyssa's haste and chilling victory? I don't see that being a good combination at all.

    And remember, you're going to be in melee range. You can't afford to have no defensive. Self heals aren't required, but a way to stay alive IS.

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    what is a good pvp dervish build? derv/war or derv/mo. I like good offensive of derv so whatever might complement his skills the most would be great. ya i basically threw in a couple skills and mess around with it and edit them each time I loose.

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    Wild blow is the one reason my derv went war secondary, and I don't regret it. However, wild blow is usually replaced on my bar with a snare for helping me get those pesky casters. Rit is great for dervs, weapon spells are nice additions to derv abilities, spirits really aren't so much.

    And no matter how offensive you are, being dead isn't going to increase your DPS at all. Mystic regeneration is a good skill if you use enchants, with 3 enchants(including mystic regen), you can get 9 regen with 9 earth prayers.

    Also, if you're going to use heart of fury, get more myst points. Right now, with 6 in it, it is most definetly not worth the 10 energy. Pump up your myst some more.

    For an elite, this varies greatly. If you want to be offensive, Lyssa is great. It really will inspire fear in those casters(if you attack fast enough). Or you may want grenth, to get rid of those pesky enchants. I find Dwayna to be my favourite. Takes pressure off the healers, and allows you to get your hands dirty. Also, it's great for taking out necros and mesmers, it essentially turns you into a walking ball of hex hate. Nothing like watching a necro go WTF after you kill in him a few seconds after he supposedly hexed the hell out of you. Outside of avatars, you have reaper's sweep, which is good for a nice "final strike" kind of spike. Get the enemy below 50% health, reaper's and then finish off with chilling victory. more often then not, you get a dead enemy. Wounding strike gives deep wound with an easy condition, and is spammable, so you can get DW around very quickly. Of course, vow of strength is good if you load up on enchants and IAS, then just wack away with your scythe. Vow of silence is also nice, turn yourself into caster hate. Although, don't expect any outside help with that. With Vow of Silence on, you're essentially on your own, since allied spells don't affect you either..

    Dervishes are very versatile, and to find the right build, I suggest you experiment. I could tell you my build, but you may not find it good for you(that's unlikely though, my build is very straightforward, and nothing special, but I find it fun).
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