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    GWOnline.Net Member Drec Sutal's Avatar

    Maina = really, really eccentric. Also you clearly don't drink nearly as much as you've led us to believe.... look at all that beer you haven't yet used!

    All I collect is dye... and only what I find, I don't buy it.

    Also, having a character just for teddy bears scares me.

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    GWOnline.Net Member MoonUnit's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by maina View Post

    Like I can stay out of this thread....


    I prefer the term "Eccentric" as opposed to crazy.

    Holy crap that's a lot of booze!

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    Crtafting material (Though I've started selling ones I have a lot of for space reasons.)

    Kaineng city collector items (since it's easy to build large numbers of them and most professions can get items for them)

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    rofl! Maina...are those Althea's Ashes?

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    GWOnline.Net Member MoonUnit's Avatar

    I collect Armor.... among other shiney objects...

    Oh and this isn't on a mule... most of my armor gets shoved into storage if I want to play...
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    GWOnline.Net Member maina's Avatar


    Quote Originally Posted by retromullet View Post
    rofl! Maina...are those Althea's Ashes?
    Yes, I have a thing for quest items..

    Quote Originally Posted by Drec Sutal View Post
    Maina = really, really eccentric. Also you clearly don't drink nearly as much as you've led us to believe.... look at all that beer you haven't yet used!
    I only use Dwarven ale for my title (and sometimes fire water), I also have a "aversion" to town hopping, so it's slow on the title..The Ale that I have a little less than 1500 of is "Hunters ale" the pride of my collection.
    (and you should be scared.....lol)

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    Maina, I desire some of your ale. Let us get together sometime and discuss important issues, and drink.

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    I enjoy collecting random amounts of weaponry/shields. Whifever we get a storage for weaponry/shields I'll have 2 of each weapon in case I somehow manage to lose one. The end of game greens however will be the only weapons/shields I don't have two of.

    Whifever=When if ever.

    Maina, might I ask if you have a collection of Juicy Heket Legs? *looked over your collection again.* I'm saddened, only 18?
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    I collect dye and materials, mostly. I have roughly about 30 - 40 of each type of dye (except brown, which I have 2 of, white (1) and black (4)). I've probably found a total of about 15 black dye so far (none of them bought), but I used 10 or so for dyeing armor.

    Although it's not an active goal I'm working towards, whenever I find rare materials I chuck them into my material storage. Perhaps someday I'll have 250 of each type of rare materials, but as I said, it's not something I'm working actively towards.

    One of my mules also has quite the bizarre collection of monster trophies, but these are in keeping for collector items for Heroes.
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    I don't know if "collect" is the right word for me... I'm more like a packrat. I don't go out and look for things like Maina and her collection. I just keep stuff around as I get them -- gold/green weapons, runes, dyes, materials, holiday items, and collector drops take up the bulk of my storage and mule spaces. I'm trying to break out of the habit of hoarding by selling some of my more excessive items. I keep telling myself I really don't need more than 10 stacks of tanned hides.


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