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    Post your stupid actions!

    Simple, just post stupid things you've done lately on Guild Wars.

    Mine is: I gave Koss an axe and axe skills, but his axe mastery was 0 and his hammer mastery was 8. No wonder I never took him with me anymore!

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    Heh, I did something like that with my newbie warrior at one point. Hammer skills and a hammer, but invested the points accidentally into axes. Given that I don't esteem the warrior class very much anyway, the small amount of damages dealt didn't really surprise me for a while... until I noticed my mistake.

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    I had that happen to me last time on my ritualist.

    I usually use the templates these days, but for some reason that day, I didn't. I had all communing skills and BM on my bar. And I kept wondering why my spirits hardly did any damage and why my Life died almost as soon as I finished casting it.

    Well, I had been trying to do some running on my rit, so, I had maxed out on Wilderness and BM. And I had 1 (minor rune) on my communing (and 4 on Spawning).
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    I once teamed up with a wammo for a mission...

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    how about this :

    I do have a favorite build i hardly change and I often go after green drops switching between several locations. Inbetween I got a call from a friend to help him kill the luxon kraken and rearranged my build to total interrupt.

    now for the stupid part :

    I should have reloaded my usual build before taking on the green drop bosses again, but didn't and once i started the run i didn't wana go back to the outpost, telling myself i'll change it before the next one. Finished the run even though it took way more effort than it would have with my usual build. At this point my bad habits kicked in : enter outpost, clean inventory at merchant, leave outpost. Again i forgot to change my build and again it bugged me to return to the outpost, so i continued. What scared me afterwards was that i repeated this 8 times before quitting a run and changing my build back to normal.

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    stupid actions...uhmm....trying to solo uw with an air ele, joining a fow group as a solo-uw....things like this.

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    Another favourite stupid mistake of mine:

    Before we could change the order of the skills in the skillbar while out in an explorable/mission. Signet of Capture overwrites the wurm skill so that you can't use it until you capture some elite with it. I usually have the Signet of Capture on slot #7 - the wurm skill corresponding this slot is the selfheal/resurrect; meaning that I was doomed whenever I forgot to either remove the signet of capture before leaving the outpost, or whenever I forgot to move the sig of capture onto a slot corresponding to a wurm skill which isn't as necessary for survival.

    Forgetting once or twice to take care of the signet of capture issue would be normal, I guess. But I forgot it every, single, time.

    <me> ok, ready?
    <guildmate> err
    *me runs out of the Bone Palace*
    <guildmate> I wasn't ready. lets head back inside
    <me> ok
    *back inside, guildmate finishes selling his junk to the merchant or whatever, we leave again*
    <guildmate> I'm using worm spore!
    <me> err.... I forgot it again. Capture is on the wrong slot. Back inside please.

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    Deleting my storage character carrying all my excess gold and green caster weapons, as soon as NF was released. Must have deleted like 150K worth of items or something like that.
    Because of it I had to work hard to equip all my heroes.
    Well... at least it thourougly cleaned up my storage for the time being

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    my guildies stupid action (he did it more then once and i hope he wont read this ;P ).

    So we gonna cap a skill.
    conversation was i think like:
    Me: So you got a cap sign with you?
    Him: Yes offcourse im not doing the same mistake again
    Me: K, so you got the cap signet with you
    Him: duh yes
    Me: k lets go

    10min later at boss;
    Me: Woot elite skill
    Him: wtf i got res sign instead of cap sign..
    Me: lol, i asked you :>

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    Recently decided to do a bit of VwK farming on my Warrior, so off I went to cap the skill. A quick run down to the Boss, a short fight and I hit the cap sig - nothing in the window. Next time, I vowed, I will change my secondary to Rit before I leave

    Best thing was, the next day I went with a guildie to do the same cap and he forgot to change to Rit as well!!! (Made me feel a whole lot better).

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