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    attacked without a weapon and I was my ele char

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    Pugged Boreas Seabed with my monk last night, and I had a bit of a bonehead moment. We were looking for a second monk, and a question came up about heroes. I mentioned my big bad level 15 Dunkoro, and we rightfully agreed to not use him. Eventually we got a dervish with a max level Dunkoro, and we went. Got master's, everybody was happy.

    We carried on, and I discovered that I completely overlooked my Tahlkora, who was set up as a boon/prot at the time. One /doh later, she was our second monk and we proceeded to rock Sunjiang District's world.

    Our party for Sunjiang had 3 assassins and no tanks, but healing was never a problem. It was incredible how quickly we mowed through it.
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    When doing the primary quest "A deal's a deal" (The one right after the Gate of Desolation mission.), that I had done several times before. I reached the sandy area with a wurm spoor just across a sulfur area from bone Palace. While fighting some margonites, I moved slightly out into what looked like a sandy area, and flagged my heros with me, only to realize that it was the sulfur section. (For some reason the color was strange, or my eyes hadn't adjusted to the colors well, and I didn't see that the ground was yellow.)

    It was annoying because after ressurection all the Palawa Joko minions got killed, which made the last few fights a bit harder.

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