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    Wednesday Wallpapers?

    Where did Wednesday Wallpapers go? I understand the development team is hard at work on more important tasks (like, for example, the game itself) but it's been several weeks. I need some new eye candy for my desktop!

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    I personally like to create my own. I have one of my ele shaking its fist at abaddon from Gate of Pain. :-p

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    Wednesday never came. I'd sue my mother if she give me that name.

    ~ I officially quit Guild Wars and will not buy any Anet product in the future starting today, June 19, 2007. I've given all my items and cash to Erasculio and I'm sure he'll be rich with some of them. :wink: ~

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    Wednesday Wallpapers seems to pop up in spurts and then dissapear. For a long while after Factions was released, and even quite a bit before, WW was just a memory of Prophecies days. Then I think it became revitalized once the Scribe was invented. And now...it's gone again. It'll be back in time, I'm sure. But it's never been reliable.

    Speaking of him, where is that scribe fellow nowadays?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akutex View Post
    Speaking of him, where is that scribe fellow nowadays?
    There's a whole thread full of theories on that. ^_^

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    I really liked them

    Which is a pity, given how I was really fond of those wallpapers (I'm using one of them even now). It was mentioned that they didn't have too many interesting ideas of what to make wallpapers with - the last one, with Razah, was done by a suggestion of the community.

    I think that's a HUGE pity. There are way too many great GW images that could make a great wallpaper. One image just won a huge award - and yet where is my Gandara, the Moon City wallpaper?

    Likewise, if they did a wallpaper out of Razah...I believe they could make a wallpaper with the gods. THAT is something that could end beautifully - give each of them a weapon fitting to their profession, just like in the Nightfall Artbook, and you already have the main element for 5 very good wallpapers.

    And so on...There is a lot of potential (GW art is beautiful), but we still don't get those wallpapers...


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    Yeap... my desktop is a guild wars one. (the Dervish and the Paragon one )

    I also notice that many have seemingly disappeared, including my favourite one. you know the one of the factions buildings and the few people with all the red colours. The one i wanted and still want to buy as a poster.... Gaile?
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    im using art from Daniel Dociu's homepage/gallery (did i spell his name right?), its the same artwork used by the Wednesday Wallpapers, just sized a bit differently but clicking on Stretch in your Desktop Display Properties does the trick.

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    Speaking of Wallpapers..where can I find full CG renders of The Assassin Girl from Factions? o_o I don't have factions so I don't know her name..I wanted to make a wallpaper with her on it..

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    The Gallery section on the Guild Wars Website would be the best place to start?
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