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    Most Hilarious build

    Well, I was board, and decided to go to FA's for a while.

    After fighting 2 sins with ZB, and a a guy who obviously watched too much power rangers playing a W/N screaming
    I am the master of the undead
    , with his level 8 bone minions ,

    I saw the most retarded build ever

    picture this,
    a ele with glyph of renewal and Iron mist

    Iron mist makes target invinceble to all forms of damage except lightning, but gives a 90% slowdown, it lasts for at mac air, 18 seconds, it recharges in 30 seconds.

    Paired with Glyph of Renewal, which makes next spell you use recharge instantly, this recharges in 15 seconds.

    He then put Iron mist on Master Archetect Gunther, and kept it up with GoR.
    He told the other team not to attack him

    Well, I was lost for words, I was both mad and Rofling........
    somehow, noone in our team had lightning damage, and needless to say, we lost.

    what were your WTF moments?

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    i can't really think of anything quite as stupid as that but i did play with this idiot mesmer once

    he was using a build with all spell interupts and stuff to stop casters. then 5mins into the battle he saw a warrior and promptly started spamming spells like backfire, energy burn, power drain and power spike at him. the warrior, having all adrenaline skills casually walked up to the mesmer and killed him in 2 hit

    he then tried the same tactic on a paragon which had the same outcome lmao
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    I owned a touch warrior in AB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KicknDave View Post
    I owned a touch warrior in AB.
    that was so relevant

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    Saw a W/E in RA with Meteor Shower. I thought it was mildy amusing as I watched him use all his energy, get exhaustion, and stand there for 5 seconds casting it, but what I found really funny was he cast it on our monk and she died in it.

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    A W/Mo with Light Of Deliverance, and a A/Mo with Zealous Benediction. Same team, luckily, they were enemies.

    ***EDIT***-This was RA.


    55'ing in RA. This was me. Not a stupid build, but stupid where it was being used.
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    Stormbluff Isle

    Veritas Invictus [TRUE]

    An officer who's now disappeared, possibly to the BF2142 side, told me of a ranger that chose not only to fight when he was told to cap, but when he was fighting he wasn't even using one. Single. Skill.

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    Yesterday, my team and I were capping the streamside defense point (or whatever it's called) in Grenz Frontier. I was the last in line of our group, and was kind of seperated a bit from the 3rd person in line. (I got caught on that stupid rock in the stream, go ahead...laugh) When out of nowhere this W/N comes charging towards me, weapon held high, shouting something along the lines of "DIE NOOOOOB". I stand still and let him approach me to see what he has in store for me after making a comment like that. Well guess what this tough guy was packin'? ....Spiteful Spirit. I almost felt sorry for him in a way, but the pity was quickly covered up with laughter. I think all in all he may have done a total of 200-250 damage to me at most. He immediately cast SS on me and started wailing away, which I retorted with Insidious Parasite, Life Transfer, Life Siphon, and the spamming of some life steal skills. He dropped dead, and proceeded to follow up with "WTF?!?!". Few seconds later, I caught up with my team, and we resumed capping. Oh, did I forget to mention he was using Frenzy? lmfao. good times, good times.

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    I love using my warrior in AB. He has since surpassed the enjoyment I got out of using my 'Sin there. There are lots of terrible warriors and builds in AB too. Most of them relying on monk secondary skills and spamming frenzy.

    My contribution to this thread is for all of those PvP Tanks. You know who you are. Sucking up damage where you really shouldn't be, and becoming dead weight for your team. With the exception of adding an extra capture pip when grabbing a shrine, of course.

    So keep on dancing in those Meteor Showers and SF bursts, Mr. PvP Tank. You're even more useless than those uber-enchantment Elementalists. At least they end up being a nice supposedly-squishy distraction, until their attackers realize what's happening and move on.

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    I played a couple of alliane battles with an earth/scythe dervish yesterday. The plan originally had been for me to use the earth skills to absorb damage while I used scythe attacks to kill the NPC's at the shrines, and avatar of Balthazar to add some speed for going from one shrine to another. (I wasn't counting on coordinated groups). At one point, though, I ended up as the amazing surviving dervish, I went to capture a luxon shrine, but some groups of 2 or 3 luxons came to try and kill me at the shrine, somehow my dervish survived for several minutes against several luxons, and even killed a couple of them. (They probably weren't that good of players, or were low direct damage types, one was a trapper.)

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