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    during the AB weekend i saw a w/e casting firestorm, MS etc

    i saw a ranger casting fireball

    saw people bring rez too.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lyger's Avatar

    I found a fun 'touch' ranger yesterday. Using Life Transfer and Life Siphon, along with Vampiric Gaze. Oh, the fun my Powerblock mesmer had with him!

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Playing my Rit for the Kurzicks and watching a Luxon allied Warrior casting binding rituals for lvl 5 (?) spirits... my spirits won... XD

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    This one has probably already been covered (it's just so silly it has to have been!):-

    A sin running the A/E solo green farmer build, or even just any build based around shadow form! You can guess the results, teleports in to attack me, puts up shadow form, I wait for shadow form to run out, which it does pretty quickly, then 1 hit kill them as they only have about 41 health or so.......

    Any toucher build run by a player who doesn't move to a different target when their target kytes.....

    Oh and just to demonstrate my own humility, I decided to run a build called ride the lightning biter earlier (Ele Necro build), realised how useless it was when targets kept getting out of my reach before I could actually use any of the touch skills thanks to the obvious omission of any speed buff in the build! Great I can teleport in, great I can get 1 or 2 touches in, noooo they have run off with most of their health still! Apart from a couple of times where my victim was dafter than me and tried to fight me off...... Oh, and did I mention the massive exhaustion (dropped me to 18 energy at one point) when I kept trying to get in range again using RTL? lol

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    a few days ago i was ABing in etnaran keys (as luxon) and i came across a ritualist/ranger using a bow. (that isn't the bad part btw) we were both contesting a shrine as we had seemingly both been deserted and i managed to kill him off. i captured the shrine and ran off to find my teammates. as i did this the ritualist was once again charging towards me. i killed him in the same way i had done before. he did this 5 times. the same result occured every time. i even sat on his corpse! and he still returned to be killed again. i ask why was he so desperate to kill me. i was alone and had killed him 1v1 already. he fought me several times during that match. it was fun woooop

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    Yesterday i was in AB as Mesmer when a Solo Warrior/E ran towards me and start bashing away. I use my shield+axe and waiting for him to interrupt my eather feast. When i finally cast it, i recognize he uses "Meteor Shower" ...

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    This is dated back to the BoA change, but seeing a 'Sin use Frenzy is still worth a laugh. (Cripslash, Gash, probably even dead before Final Thrust)

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    W/Mo with Rebirth and Healing Hands. Unfortunately he was on my team.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Antillio's Avatar

    a R/mo on my team in FA with mending and ethereal light to heal others !!

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    GWOnline.Net Member mcosad's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyger View Post
    I found a fun 'touch' ranger yesterday. Using Life Transfer and Life Siphon, along with Vampiric Gaze. Oh, the fun my Powerblock mesmer had with him!
    lol i did that fun touch ranger one game as a joke it doesn't work... trust me

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