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    Flare spamming ranger

    OK OK

    I saw an Ele/W and Necro about to go mano ah mano. Then after seeing mark of rodgort I thought ele might have the upper hand. Then followed by that was Lava Front, Inferno, Flame Djnns Haste then the ele charged him with a sword I was like wtf he just used spells that did nothing since they were all adjacent spells then charged the necro with a blade.

    Pardon me I'm just thinking of this one again and its making me laugh......

    Saw a trapper alone doing his deeds at a shrine his side had under control. When we charged him he ran towards a small chokepoint so we let him go. Then we went past the chokepoint to go cap somemore and saw the trapper laying on the ground dead ?!? Then I saw a trapping ranger on our side ahead of us running away

    The dumbest thing I'VE DONE was play a monk with no skills in AB. I joined my guild group and they usually run in once we all meet. I forgot I had no skills on my bar and to top it off my window minimized GW for a second. When I got back in we were in the battle and there was nothing for me to do but run.......

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    ha, once a not-so-noob did something very noobish.we were capping north o rankor and a geomancer decided to go farming. we got about halfway, maybe more, and we were killing a mob. we almost killed the mob when this farmer pulled 3 too many mobs right through us, basically killing us in a split second. our whole group quit but he actually managed to farm all four mobs quite easily.

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    GWOnline.Net Member MoonUnit's Avatar

    R/N with Barbed Signet, Life Siphon, Vamp Gaze and Barrage. He liked to tank too without using any stances.

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    I was in AB with my Ranger (I was using the RaO build for the first time). I got seperated from my team and came across a lone Ranger/Mesmer.

    The moment he saw me i saw Apply Poison going up. I instantly thought "Burning Arrows" Ranger and prepared for the shot.....only to see Barrage being used and hitting me for 36 dmg. I ran to him hitting RaO and next he hit Zojuns Haste but instead of running he stood his ground. From there i witnessed his entire build - Barrage - Apply Poison - Zojuns Haste - Conjure Phantasm - Antidote Signet (i never hit him with any conditions the hammer was enough to wear him down).

    Killed him and got called a F**king Touch Noob (As a R/W) and left I was wondering if he ever read the description of Barrage or just didnt understand what a preperation is

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    Nothings as bad as a ranger who eqips all beast spells but forgets charm animal

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    I remember one time I took off all my armor as a joke when the timer was going down because I thought I could just put it back on once the match started... Once it did start I tried, in vain, to put on my armor...Needless to say, I was slaughtered...

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    lol once i saw a ranger using a dagger...
    as a resto rit i just healed until another assassin came up and screwed him so bad
    i think he didnt have linnk skills or anything...maybe no dagger mastery either, because he was doing so little damage to me

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    Well, a D/E using Mystic Regenation, Sliver Armor, Armor of Earth, Conviction, Ward of Melee, Ward of Foes, and some other enchantments, I can't really remember his build well. But we couldn't kill him; we needed about 10 people to finally bring him down. REALLY annoying, he was standing in the middle of the res shrine; so everyone who got ressed there was attacking him. And NO ONE had enchantment removal...

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    lol once i saw a ranger using a dagger...
    There's nothing wrong with that, unless he didn't have Assassin as secondary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natus View Post
    There's nothing wrong with that, unless he didn't have Assassin as secondary.
    he was an assassin secondary but he was terrible at it

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