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    Quote Originally Posted by Pummeling Giant View Post
    he was an assassin secondary but he was terrible at it
    The ranger part isn't a problem (expertise helps with dagger attacks, think how ranger/warriors can use warrior attacks well.)

    That just seems like an unskilled player, not so much a bad build. (Though this could be lack of description.)

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    We won too many 4v4 situations for this to be funny anymore...
    I know heket's rampage is better for the build, but what fun is that if you have frenz + 60AL and no cancel stance ^^

    Erm, the idea was not use our elites as much as possible ^^

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    I play a mesmer usually with sig of midnight and empathy, and i find it hilarious how mele ppl continue to attack as they are blind while they have empathy on them, i mean wtf are they blind.. no pun intended

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    I had a wtf moment in ab the other night. I was playing my monk as per usual and a warrior dressed in dyed black fow armour comes running up to me. I was pretty low on mana and my team mates were otherwise engagaed so I though 'oh god time to die'.

    But this warrior starts hacking on me with a sword and honest, he was doing almost 0 damage to me. So I cast my emergency 'not a team mate' heal on myself (healing breeze) and stood there still healing my team mates while this warrior is hacking at me.

    I got curious and started to watch what skills was using and I just started laughing outloud. In between healing my teamies I saw him use 'watch yourself' 'shields up' and defy pain'. All while hacking on me and not being attacked from anywhere....Then he started to teleport around me, porting off to one side and running back in to me as if trying to find a weak side that his poor skills would exploit. Eventually my team captured the shrine (I asked my teamies to leave the warrior alone cos he wasn't doing any harm hehe) and we ran off, the warrior following behind for for a time until he saw a mob of our teamies coming his way.

    I think that's my first real encounter with a ebaying noob of the higest degree
    AKA Fan Tasy.
    Ritualist for hire. Resonable rates. Payment in firewater, hunter's ale, rice wine and any other assorted substances that will make me want to be sick.
    Ohhhh look pretty lights......nooooo a plague of bees descend! Is this how Guild Wars rewards us loyal subjects?

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    I'm suprised nobody's mentioned Hamstorm yet. Or perhaps like me they've discovered how uber it is; with Crippling Slash's buff you can fork out some serious nukage!

    **Note: I do actually use Hamstorm, but only on easy missions.

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    Last night I joined a pug with a Deadly Arts sin. Dancing Daggers was his only DArts skill. He had Unsuspecting Strike on his bar with 1 Dagger Mastery and 0 Critical Strikes. He had Shadow Refuge with 5 in Shadow Arts. He had Death's Charge with no visible exit strategy, but he did have an 11 spec Shatter Hex from his mesmer secondary if he wanted to be a kamikaze Shatter Hex bomb - assuming he got hexed sometime and had figured out the combo. He also had Backfire and Empathy at 11 Domination spec, which could have been interesting if he was playing like a mesmer in the disguise as an assassin and kept out of trouble... but he wasn't, he was a ninja-shaped punch bag. The funniest part? I was on monk.

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    I was on ab last night and saw a mm necro with his bunch of minions. being a mesmer I pulled out unnatural signet and started going through the minions killing them off as I went. then I cam across his flesh golem and went into histerics. it was level 18!. I looked at the rest of his minions and saw their levels were from level 12-16!!!

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    Oh some of the best stories feature the necro side....

    Couple days ago while we were capping and a stray R/N started running toward our group. I was like oh great, lets see how long it will take to kill this toucher.

    He then stops about 10 feet from us and starts casting.......guess what it is?!

    Animate Flesh Golem, wooohoo - I was thinking this should be fun. I almost didn't want to start hexing him. He then puts a run skill on and leaves. Oh well we let him go. But as we start moving on to other cap points I see him in the distance wanding stuff with his trusty golem by his side. I see his Golem charge in to a group of minions where he then uses Putrid Flesh ( kills pet and spreads disease ) I see LOL in local chat by him followed by Dodge to run away.......his purpose was complete.

    Almost as good as the Sin spamming heal party......or trying to

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    I saw a sin with a L3 Flesh Golem. It was so tiny and cuuuuuuuuute! Seriously, it could have been a mini pet!

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    Funny build huh:
    Earth Attunement, Death's Charge, Glyph of Sacrifice, Earthquake, Aftershock, Grasping Earth, ShockWave, Obsidian Flame.

    lol I crank up when I **** around with this.

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