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    its something that can't be done by any other profession as its the only 1 that doesn't do direct damage (except the monk of course) so as long as others don't interfere you can have awsome fights which train in quick reactions and hand to hand coordination

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    Two ZB/Protection Monks sitting there wanding eachother and casting. It was intense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natus View Post
    Two ZB/Protection Monks sitting there wanding eachother and casting. It was intense.

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    As a mesmer in AB - I've never fought 1 vs 1 with nobody around. BUT I did join forces when I got seperated with a lone Domination mesmer and I was running hardcore Illusion setup. We managed to take out a few grps of wars and elementalist with ease. VERY FUN

    AND BAM TO POST #1000 -

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    hmmm makes me want to bring my mesmer in ab. unfortunetly I'm to HA/Gvg orianted so my builds focus on DIE MONK DIE!!! I usually end of 1v1 with my ranger or necro which usually turns out well, but when I lose man do I lose.

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    I run into something like this in AB with my Rt/Me against Me/x. He carries Backfire at 9 Dom to use against elementalists, Hex Breaker against sins, but sometimes finds lone mesmers to use it against too. I find it astonishing how many Illusion mesmers don't carry anti-hex skills, and many of them will cast themselves to death with Backfire on when in the heat of battle. When they do I don't need to use the evil Rit nukes on them.

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    these things happen sometimes with necro vs necro and mesmer vs mesmer because they are both presure build or shutdown build :P but presure vs presure or shutdown vs shutdown dont work :D

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    yeah with necros its usually life stealing

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmorpg man View Post
    yeah with necros its usually life stealing

    Have you ever seen 2 necros casting (at the SAME TIME, no less!) LIfe Siphon and Life Transfer on each others? Laughed long enough to die after this.

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    no its usually me (the mesmer) casting backfire and hexbreaker and the necro casting the blood lifestealing skills and curses which I just degate but don't have enough time to go onto the offensive so it turns into a lockdown

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