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    life and death of an online game ????

    Guild wars is the first online game i've tryed and got immediatly hooked up, but despite my 7 months of intense gaming and a lot of knowledge gathered, i don't know much about the life and death of online games.

    When a new game ( GW2 ) comes along, do they simply pull the plug on the servers for GW1, meaning we can't play anymore, or do they wait until the community has lost intrest and migrated to GW2 ? How does the death of an online game occur, will the character be lost completly, isn't there at least an offline version continuing to be playable ? I'm surly interested in the new game waiting around the corner, but even if it's just for nostalgic reasons, returning to an old game i've had lots a fun with every now and then was one of my habits. Will this be impossible once the new game is out ?
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    Gaile Gray confirmed in another post that they will keep to support Guildwars as long as there are players.

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