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    SS Request: BWE Mesmer Warning

    During BWE there was a warning message that came up when you'd try to select Mesmer as a primary profession. Does anyone happen to have a screenshot of it hanging around? a transcription of it?

    I remember it being something about the class requiring advanced tactics and suggesting that it be taken as a sub-job instead, but can't recall the exact wording of it.

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    i dont remember the exact wording, but it warned that mesmers required advanced tactics and were suggested only for experienced players

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    that's neat. never knew about the existence of such a thing.

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    i am guessing it was something like this?
    although i still consider a warning of this sort like a bit shooting oneself in the leg - since if the population belives that the mesmer is insanely harder to play (which of course strokes the ego of the mesmer players) - one can also make the following conclussion out of it:
    "if its harder and nothing limits the players from creating it - then there s a much biger possibility that the player will be struggling with the class and be less effective".
    and you just KNOW that ppl are more likely to belive that then the possibility that the person playing the mesmer is a superior player!
    (but then again - lets be honest - not only is it more likely for ppl to belive that - its actually more likely to happen also!)

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    "This profession requires advanced fashion sense and is not recommended for players without lots of gold."

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    He, they should have kept that warning and also add it to assassin.

    I reckon there are three major problems with mesmer:

    a) People playin em only because of the looks and not really getting into playing mesmer thing. Which means they usually would not be usefull team members. (cough, in early days people were playing fast cast *healers*)

    b) People fondly remebering how their mesmer pwned that bull in presear quests while other classes had bit of dificulty.

    c) No proper PvE ballance for mesmers.

    Put this together and you have root of all problems

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    they had to remove the warning because after all the 'balancing' no advanced tactics will ever make a mesmer viable in pve.

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    They're not just underpowered in PvE. A vast majority of their skills are simply ineffectual in serious PvP.

    They have poor elites, by and large, and they're very focused on what they do. I mean, like, mesmers can go anti-warrior, or they can go anti-caster. But you can never count on fighting one specific type of enemy in PvP... what good does an anti-warrior setup do vs. a Searing Flames group? What good does anti-caster do against IWAY?

    Sure, every class has this problem, but in the end, mesmers are the ones who have the highest ratio of situational skills. The reason Diversion is so nice is because it's not so situational... Everyone uses skills, after all.

    Mesmers have at least two attribute lines that are (debatably) ineffective. Illusion Magic and Inspiration Magic struggle somewhat in serious player vs. player combat. The former because of the efficiency of hex removal (and the degen cap of 10), the latter because of repeated rebalancing of energy gain, energy denial and the like.
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    I think its just what you prefer to play, i self hav a mesmer, he has some 1.5k armor but hes definitly becoming one of my favorite characters, now i have been playing him a bit more the last week for skill pts and ive become better, you just need practice

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    I love Mesmers, and I've been playing them for the last 22 months. I'm seeing 1 in 10 serious PvP players going mesmer and the vast majority playing Dom builsd with Diversion... Well, that generally tells me that they're suffering in terms of skill quality and skill selection.

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