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    Furious Weapon Mods

    ok. im not a n00b, im jsut posting here because i couldn't find the wiki and other sites didn't have answers.

    i've found a 9% furious sword hilt, waht i do not understand is how it works. it says "double adrenaline on hit chance x%". so....does this mean if i had 5 strikes of adren and i got lucky it would buff to 10...or is all adren-gaining buffed by 10%?

    just i've been experimenting with dragon slash...and i think that if i had a 10% mod i might have it recharge fully each time when coupled with FGJ!

    please explain.
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    It's double the adrenaline gained by that hit.

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    Yeah, as Pointless said. You would have a 9% chance to gain double adrenalin from each hit. Normally you get one point of adrenalin for each normal attack, with a furious mod there is a chance that those hits will give you two points.

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    hmm...doesen't seem too good. ok guys thanks.

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