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Thread: PvE Earth Build

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    PvE Earth Build

    I've come up with my PvE builds for my elementalist using pure fire, pure water, and pure air, but I've yet to come up with something effective for earth (haven't bought many earth skills as a result of this).

    With fire I use Searing Flames with the standard Glowing Gaze, GoLE, etc.

    With water I use Deep Freeze+Maelstrom along with Blurred Vision and Shatterstone

    With Air I use either a Dual Attunement Orb+Hammer or Invoke Lightning+Chain Lightning

    With Earth, well... I have a lot of Dmg/Sec skills that make monsters run all over the place. I have yet to try PBAoE using tanking skills, but that would probably yield the same effect. Should i just go for wards? Ward against Foes can work for AoE Dmg/Sec but it isnt as good as Deep Freeze. My only Earth elite is Sandstorm... should I use Shockwave? What kind of Earth builds are running now to help out in PvE?

    (Note: I have all 3 campaigns and access to any skills)

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    My preferred goes like this:

    Ebon Hawk
    [Associated Rezes, heals, attunements, and glyphs as the case requires]

    But I'm playing with that a little. I don't really like the tanking elementalist for a few reasons. For one thing, PUGs will call you all variety of unkind things, and they'll probably be right to in the end. For another, if your armor is high enough for you to be a considerable threat to tank, you're not going to be able to in a party, because the AI will preferentially target other squishies with lower armor. It's great for dirt farming, but I haven't really been able to squeeze much utility out of the tank skills. I've got a friend that swears by wards, but I was never much for them either, though they're certainly not useless.

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    Here's my Earth nuking build you will need all 3 campaign to get all skillz listed below

    Sandstorm {E}
    Ebon Hawk
    Churning Earth
    Glyph of lesser energy
    Earth Attunement
    Ward Against Melee
    [Optional] some kindda heal or rez

    This build does massive dmg to large group of mobs the only problem is that you will need to rest to recharge some spells between each battle. I use +5e/20RCT wand and +30/20RCT Focus to counter the recharge time of spells.

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    If you are Earth Farming, see this thread...


    I update it regularly.


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    Although I don't play an Earth build myself, all of my Zhed's are running this build:

    Sandstorm {E}
    Ebon Hawk
    Ward Against Melee
    Earth Attunement
    Glyph Of Lesser Energy
    Obsidian Flame

    As far as I can tell, its working fairly nicely.

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    This Is the only build I use for General/Hard Mode/Vanquishing PvE with Heros.


    - Stone Daggers
    - Churning Earth
    - Ash Blast
    - Dragon's Stomp
    - Ward Against Melee
    - Kinetic Armor
    - Earth Attunement
    - Elemental Attunement {E}

    1.Energy is endless
    2.knockdown/blind/AOE/ and mop it all up with stone daggers.
    3.Cast Kinetic Armor then spam stone daggers. I wouldn't use this for HardMode Missions being that different situations apply to each campaign.
    4.Rebirth/Rez is used when in Human groups or in missions so drop AshBlast event thought the just buffed it .

    Have Fun Bonewizard222[WAR]

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    My current earth build uses a bit of inspiration and 5 points in air.

    Ash Blast
    Churning Earth
    Ebon Hawk
    Stone Striker
    Mantra of Earth
    Earth Attunement
    Sunspear Rebirth Signet

    Went with Gale instead of an earth knockdown because it's a bit easier on the energy. It's essentially blind and weakness on demand, with some decent damage and protection/energy gain for yourself. Goes best with a full geomancer armour set.

    Once I cap some more earth elites, I'll likely replace either Churning Earth or Gale, depending.
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