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    Unusual FoW Sword?

    Trying to find out if this is common, but this weekend in FoW I got a gold sword from a chest with these stats:

    Zealous Shadow Blade of Defense (req 9 sword)
    ENERGY +5
    Zealous +1/-1
    Armor +5

    Are the ENERGY +5 innate mods in Prophecies weapons more common now?

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    +5e items drop in FoW after they updated it.

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    nice sword, and yes its about as common as a 15^50.

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    I have one too. But got it a long time ago :)
    Don't know since when they drop +5 energy swords there tho. Been that way a while now.

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    +5 energy weapons have been dropping everywhere ever since a few days before Factions came out. They only drop on gold weapons though, like Vampiric or Zealous mods.

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    Thank you all for your replies - now to decide if I should keep it or sell it LOL

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