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    Titles for GW2: All on 1 or 1 on all?

    Yes I know, strange thread title. What I'm wondering is this:

    It looks like at least some titles will have an effect on your GW2 characters through the monument system. Despite the KoaBD title, I've always liked to spread my titles out across all my various characters: Survivor on the paragon, LDoA and PoT on the warrior, Cartographer on the ranger, etc.

    In light of the Hall of Monuments, do you think it would be better to focus on one famous ancestor, or do you think it won't matter?

    On the other hand, if I keep playing for the next two years and stop starting new characters, I'll have all the titles on all of them anyway..

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    GWOnline.Net Member jvxmtg's Avatar

    I think it's more like "all on all".

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